This method is suitable for thick clothes, and it can be used by placing ice cubes in a freezer bag, then placing the bag on the gum until it becomes solid, and rubbing the ice cube on the gum until it hardens, then scraping the gum using a sharp knife.[1]

Snow with a toothbrush

Chewing gum can be removed easily with a toothbrush and ice.[2] This method is used for sensitive clothes, by removing the gum with the fingers as much as possible, then wrapping the clothes with a plastic bag, and placing it in the freezer until the gum hardens, or it is also possible instead to rub the gum with ice cubes over the gum until it becomes solid, and remove it as much as possible, then rub Brush the area with a toothbrush, to remove any remaining gum.[1]

ice with detergent

It is preferable to do this method in a bowl or in a sink, by placing an ice cube under the piece of clothing, so that it is directly under the gum, then placing another piece of ice on top of the clothes so that it is parallel to the first piece of ice, and waiting for half an hour or until the gum becomes very cold, Then put the clothes on a flat surface, scrape the frozen gum with a blunt knife edge, then remove the rest of the gum using detergents, and wash the clothes as usual.[1]

Vinegar and soap

The remaining spot from the gum in excess of the clothes can be dealt with, by applying an equal mixture of liquid dishwashing soap and white vinegar, rubbing it gently from the front, and allowing the mixture to remain on the clothes, for a period of no less than fifteen minutes, then washing the clothes as usual, checking If the stain has been removed before drying, if it is not removed, you should try again with the soap and vinegar mixture and wash it again.[3]

use vaseline

Some Vaseline can be used to relieve chewing gum if the gum is old and dry, using a finger or cotton swab, then gently removing the gum, and before washing clothes, Vaseline must be removed from it first, using cleaners containing enzymes that remove fats and oils, rubbing it with a brush, and leaving it for a while. Fifteen minutes, then it is washed.[3]

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How to remove gum from clothes

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