darkening of the knees

The problem of darkening of the knees is one of the problems that many women suffer from, and the causes of it are multiple, including: sitting on the ground by leaning on it, or a lack of vitamin A in the body, or neglecting to take care of it and cleaning it, which leads to the accumulation of dead skin cells on it, and it appears in a dark color More than other areas of the body, and we will mention in this article about the ways that can be followed to get rid of dark knees.

Ways to remove darkening of the knees


The accumulation of dead skin cells on the knees area may be the reason behind their blackening, so make sure to exfoliate them regularly twice a week by using a small brush with soft bristles, and rub the area gently and without exaggeration so as not to cause inflammation and dryness in the skin. Circular and light, and you can put a little salt on the brush during rubbing, and be sure to wash your knees with lukewarm water after peeling, and moisturize them with any moisturizing cream.


The skin in general needs to be constantly moisturized, to prevent dryness, and keep its texture smooth, and to moisturize the knees, you can use creams sold in pharmacies and designated for this purpose, and you can also use masks made of natural materials such as honey and cocoa butter.

Regular application of lightening recipes

There are many recipes that can bring effective results to get rid of the problem of blackening of the knees, including:

  • Hot water and almonds: Soak your legs up to the knees with hot water, rub them gently using a pumice stone, then dry them, apply sweet almond oil, and leave them overnight, then wash them with soap and water, and apply a moisturizing cream and a skin-lightening cream.
  • Lemon: Take half a lemon and massage it on your knees daily, and you will notice the difference within a short period of time. Because lemon is one of the materials that have skin whitening properties.
  • Olive oil and salt: Gently rub your knees with a mixture of olive oil and a little salt on a daily basis for a week, then rub them with glycerine to moisturize and soften them.
  • Honey, sugar and olive oil: Mix a quarter cup of honey with two cups of black sugar, and half a cup of olive oil, then massage your knees from the bottom up with circular movements with this mixture, then wash them with water, and for better results, repeat the recipe twice a week, and it is preferable to apply the recipe after Shower and dry the body.
  • Milk, turmeric and honey: Mix an appropriate amount of milk, kalakum and honey to form a soft paste, then apply it on your knees for a period ranging from a third to half an hour, then wet your hands, rub your knees for two minutes, and then wash them with water.

How to remove dark knees

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