Use of tea tree oil

It is possible to get rid of back pimples through the use of tea tree oil, because it is as effective as creams that contain approximately 5% of benzoyl peroxide, as it can be applied directly to the affected skin and twice a day until the pimples disappear, and since it Strong, it must be diluted with equal parts of water before use, for example, a quarter cup of tea tree oil can be used with a quarter of a cup of water.[1]

Use apple cider vinegar and water

The mixture of apple cider vinegar and water contributes to cleansing and treating acne infections, in addition to helping to heal the skin and getting rid of dead skin. Vinegar and water can be applied through:[2]

  • Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and stir them well.
  • Apply this mixture to pimples and acne scars on the back using cotton balls.
  • Leave the mixture on the back for a few hours, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

Use baking soda

Back acne can be removed by using baking soda and water paste. This is because it contributes to getting rid of dead skin, and it can be made by mixing equal parts of water and baking soda, then applying it to the skin directly and rinsing it with water, and repeating the steps three times a day.[1]

Appropriate skin care

The skin must be well taken care of in the event of acne on the back, especially by: washing the skin regularly using a gentle cleanser, showering after exercise, keeping the hair clean, in addition to not tampering with acne, and avoiding excessive exposure to the sun.[3]

healthy eating

Eating unhealthy food affects the health of the body, such as increasing the appearance of acne, because some foods act as catalysts. Research shows that foods that raise the glycemic index, that is, that cause a rise in blood sugar, may lead to stimulating the appearance of pimples; Among these foods: white bread, white pasta, rice, and white potatoes, so it is good to reduce the intake of these foods and replace them with healthy and balanced foods; Such as: vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and whole grains.[4]

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How to remove back acne

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