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Acne is a red pimple that appears on the face or shoulders as small granules, but it may irritate and increase in size and redness if tampered with, and acne does not cause any pain, but may leave in its place small black spots that disappear with time, the presence of acne On the face of a young man or girl, it causes inconvenience because it affects the beauty of the face. And acne often appears at puberty, as the sex hormones secrete quantities of oily secretions that float on the skin and with the skin exposed to sweating, which causes the growth of bacteria that feed on these secretions, and acne appears. Acne is not a contagious disease, but rather a temporary phenomenon that disappears with the demise of its causes, and food has no role in the emergence or disappearance of acne, and exposure of the body to direct sunlight for a long time may cause an increase in oily secretions and cause an increase in its size sometimes.[1]

How can acne be removed?

To treat acne, we can go to the doctor and use the creams or ointments that the doctor prescribes for us. In most cases, these creams are expensive and it is necessary to try more than one type to reach the right one.[2]

Remove acne using natural mixtures

Natural treatment can also be resorted to, and there are medical prescriptions that have proven effective for many people, and these recipes include:[3]

  • Mixing honey and milk with yeast: we bring a spoon of honey and mix it with a spoon of milk powder with a small spoon of yeast, mix these materials well until we have a homogeneous mixture similar to an ointment, we paint the place where the acne is after we wash the place with lukewarm water and dry it, we continue to apply daily And for a week.
  • Orange peel mixture: We dry the orange peel, grind it and mix it with a small amount of water and apply it to the place of injury.
  • Mixing lemon with rose water: Squeeze a lemon and add to the juice a spoonful of rose water, paint the place of injury daily for a week and before each application, we wash the place of infection with soap and water and dry it before applying.
  • Lemon mixture with a quantity of cinnamon: We bring a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it with a teaspoon of fine cinnamon, and put the mixture as a mask on the affected places.
  • Using a piece of ice: We bring a piece of ice and wrap it with a clean rag and place the ice over the irritated pill, and it works to calm this pill and its removal after a short time, and the result of this recipe appears directly with or after use.

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How can acne be removed?

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