love birds

Many of us would like to have lovebirds in their home because they add an aesthetic view to the house, in addition to their wonderful shape, which reflects the creativity of the Creator, but we refrain from this idea because we do not know the ways to take care of them, and today we will explain to you everything related to these birds of how to raise them. Lovebirds are distinguished by their picturesque colors, and their ferocity with other birds and even with their species, but this does not prevent you from raising them in your home and taking care of them.

Ways to get lovebirds

We do not have enough knowledge to buy a love bird, so we are exposed to the exploitation of sellers who sell us birds that are not in good health or birds that are about to die. Here are some tips that you should take when buying this type of bird:

  • You should choose active birds that look good, so when you enter the store, stand away from the birds to distinguish the active and weak ones.
  • Examine the bird with your hands and make sure that the feathers look even, full and have no flaws.
  • Check the eye and nose area for secretions, and you should check the excretory area to make sure that the bird does not suffer from health problems.
  • You should not rush to buy these birds and take enough time before choosing them.

lovebird breeding

If you want to get high spawning, it is better to raise them in groups, but you have to make sure that the snails are large, more than two meters in height and 3 meters in length, but if you want to get a specific type, it is better to raise each pair separately.


Winter is the season in which these birds begin to mate, and it is better than any other month for mating to occur. The atmosphere is very suitable for spawning. You have to make sure that the birds are different in sex, male and female in the beginning, and each pair is placed separately, and the male is placed in the cage to be hatched. In it, watercress is offered to him to motivate him to mate more, and the female is placed in a cage next to him for a period of four days. After the end of this period, the female is entered into the male’s cage, and the mating takes place and if it does not happen, repeat the previous step again.

In the event that mating occurs, you must provide the appropriate nest and provide the nesting materials in it such as palm fronds and sawdust, taking into account not moving the cages a lot; Because this would cause her anxiety, the female usually lays between 3 to 6 eggs and lays on the eggs for between 22 to 24 days, and the colder the weather, the longer the female lays on eggs.

love birds food

You have to prepare a mixture of flaxseeds, sunflower pulp, banikam and danbiya. Mixing ratios vary from one breeder to another, but in general, you have to increase the percentage of flaxseed and reduce the percentage of sunflower. It is possible to buy a ready-made mixture of grains from stores specialized in selling bird tools, and you must provide the birds with a meal of eggs. and rusk twice a week.

love birds bath

Bathing helps to moisturize the bird’s skin, reduce its temperature, and preserve the beauty of its feathers. This is a very important issue and should not be tolerated. In the summer, a bowl is provided for the birds to bathe in daily, but in the winter, this bowl is served twice every three weeks.

How do you raise lovebirds?

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