You must first choose the appropriate environment for conservation in order to make memorization easy and fast, and this means choosing a quiet environment away from any distraction, and people may differ in choosing the appropriate environment for them, although most prefer a quiet environment, but some people perform better in the general environment, so Preparing for the appropriate environment for each person is the first step to start memorizing and studying well.[١]


This method is very useful for audio education, and it is also useful in certain cases such as lectures, where the lecture can be recorded using a recording machine. From lecture information, thus saving information quickly and easily.[١]


It is possible to benefit from the audio recording of a topic by rewriting it, before starting to remember the things that have been memorized. Writing or rewriting information makes it familiar and memorable better, as this method is considered one of the best methods used by experienced learners.[١]

splitting information

This step comes after writing all the information to be saved in a notebook, where the information is divided into paragraphs and sections instead of keeping the information aligned in one group or one paragraph. This method helps to save the information in the form of easy steps, where the tear divides the information that was recorded And remember it faster.[١]

memory tree

The information is divided into paragraphs, so it is easier in this case to link the information together in the form of a tree, and this method has been adopted since 1950 AD. Any main and subsidiary information is meaningful to the person so that it is easy for him to remember, and the sub-information must be arranged in a logical and reasonable manner. The fragmentation of information makes it faster and easier to memorize and not be forgotten. For example: it is easier to memorize the number 467890 if it is divided into parts so that it is preserved 467 and 890.[٢]

Pay attention to what is learned

A person quickly memorizes anything if he loves it, for example, if he is attracted to someone, he will memorize it and remember it later faster and better than another person who was not attracted to him, so when a person wants to memorize something or certain information, he must find a way to love what he learns, that facilitates memorization And remember he has.[٢]

Connect the information together

One of the useful steps in memorizing faster is to link new information that is learned with old information that already exists and is related to that new information, according to Luma Linda of the Medical University College, who says that one of the high and basic techniques that the brain uses in memorizing information is linking information new with information that already exists.[٣]

Transferring information to another person

What has been learned can be transferred to another person in several ways, in order to preserve the information for a longer period and better, as it is possible to give a lecture with the information that has been learned to a person or a number of people, or you can talk in front of a mirror about this information in the event that it is difficult to find a person He is free to explain this information to him. If this information needs to be memorized literally, it can be delivered in front of someone. This gives a feeling as if the person is giving a lecture in front of a number of audience.[١]

brain filter

The final step after receiving the information is to take a break and mentally clear the mind, by not thinking about what has just been learned, and then returning to that information at a later time, as this gives more opportunity for the information that has been poorly preserved to focus on it.[١]

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