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Monday January 25, 2021

How to protect your phone screen and extend its life?

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Since the beginning of our use of mobile phones, many users have been suffering from problems with the screens of their devices, so what are the best ways to preserve the life of the screens and protect them from damage?

According to technology and technology experts, most problems with screens usually begin after two years of using the device, especially if the person is hungry about using it.

The most prominent problems facing phone screens are:

1- Screen burn-in.

2- Damage Monitor the device .

3- The device screen was cracked.

Also, according to experts, the problems begin to appear in the motherboard and the screens of those devices, and the effects of these problems appear on the display interface in the screens.

Initially, screen problems appear in the areas where the white and blue colors are displayed the most, that is, in the areas where the keyboard and the upper bar of the screen appear, where the hour and date indicators appear.

However, there is no way to treat these problems after they appear, but the life of the screen can be extended and preserved if you follow some simple steps and recommendations.

How to protect your phone screen and extend its life? You should follow the following:

1- Using dark backgrounds in operating interfaces.

2- Using the automatic screen shutdown timer that locks and turns off the screen in the event that the phone is not used, and it is preferable to set the timer period of no more than 5 minutes.

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Simple steps protect your smartphone screen

3- Do not raise the screen brightness rate in the phone significantly.

4- Not to use running backgrounds that change background images automatically on an ongoing basis.


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