rice with milk

Rice with milk or the so-called rice with milk is one of the sweets that became famous in the Levant, in addition to several Arab countries. Preparation because it contains rice, which basically takes a long time to fully mature. These sweets can be prepared in two ways, the first is to prepare it with rice without grinding it (the traditional method), and the second method is a new method in which the rice is ground before preparing it, and in both In both cases, we use the same ingredients and quantities.

How to prepare rice with milk

the ingredients

  • 250 grams of Egyptian rice.
  • Quarter of a teaspoon of ground mastic.
  • liters of liquid milk.
  • Half a cup of sugar or more.
  • Two tablespoons of rose water.
  • cup of hot water.
  • An appropriate amount of ground pistachios to decorate the dish.

How to prepare

milled rice:

  • Grind the rice with an electric grinder to turn the rice into a white powder.
  • Put the milk on a low heat, while stirring continuously, so that the milk does not stick to the pot or get lumpy.
  • Add the sugar and orange blossom water after the milk starts boiling, and stir until the sugar is completely dissolved.
  • Add the ground rice to the milk and stir for twenty to thirty minutes.
  • Add the mastic to the milk and then continue to stir the mixture for another five minutes.
  • We turn off the heat and pour the rice with milk into the yogurt and decorate it with pistachios. After it cools completely, we put it in the refrigerator for an hour and then serve cold.

Uncooked rice:

  • We wash the rice and soak it in water for three hours, to facilitate the process of cooking it in milk.
  • Put the pot on the fire and put a cup of water in it and wait until it boils.
  • Add the rice to the boiling water and let it boil covered over a low heat for a period not exceeding a quarter of an hour, or until the rice grains are cooked.
  • Add the milk, while stirring continuously, and add the sugar and orange blossom water.
  • We keep the fire low without stopping stirring and continue to do so until the milk boils for some time, so that the milk becomes thick because of the starch in the rice.
  • We add the mastic, stir a little, then pour the rice with milk into the serving yogurt and decorate its face with ground pistachios, and we can add a pinch of ground cinnamon to give a new flavor, and after it cools completely we put it in the refrigerator for an hour.

How to prepare rice with milk

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