Libyan sweets

Libyan sweets are considered delicious sweets spread throughout the Arab world, and these sweets are characterized by their simplicity, small size, and ease of preparation within a short time, and they do not need many materials, and therefore their cost is very low, and they have great nutritional values ​​due to the presence of sugar among their components Which provides the body with energy, and these sweets depend on the elements of flour and ghee in their preparation.

Libyan exotic

the ingredients

  • Eight cups of flour.
  • Four cups of ghee.
  • Four cups of sugar.
  • Half a teaspoon of almond oil.
  • Peeled almonds.

How to prepare

  • Put the butter, sugar and almond oil in a medium-sized plastic bowl, and mix the ingredients with a wooden spoon well until it has a yellow color.
  • Put the flour into the mixture, and mix it well with both hands, until the dough becomes homogeneous and soft, and leave the dough for a period ranging from 60 minutes to 75 minutes to rest and ferment a little, and it is recommended to wear gloves while kneading.
  • We make small balls from the dough, a little larger than a strawberry, and put these balls in a wide tray so that the balls are a little far from each other.
  • Put one almond on top of each piece of dough balls, and plant them well.
  • We put the tray in the oven under a medium heat, for 25-30 minutes, until it matures and has a yellowish-golden color, then we take out the tray and put it in a suitable place until the exotic pieces cool slightly, to be ready to be served.

honeyed jalalan cake

the ingredients

  • Two cups of butter.
  • Two cups of ghee.
  • Two cups of milk.
  • One tablespoon of baking powder.
  • One tablespoon of vanilla.
  • A little flour.
  • The syrup or diameter.
  • Half a cup of sesame.

How to prepare

  • Put the butter, ghee, and milk in a suitable bowl, and mix the ingredients well with a wooden spoon, then put the baking powder and vanilla, and continue mixing until a well-mixed dough is formed between its components, and we leave the dough for a period ranging from 60 minutes to 90 minutes to rest and ferment.
  • We make of the dough thick, empty circles from the inside that take the shape of an annular, until we complete the quantity, and this dough is easy to shape, and we put the squares in a wide tray.
  • Put a layer of milk on the surface of each piece of dough, then put a layer of sesame on it.
  • We put the tray in the oven under a medium heat, for a period ranging from 25 minutes to approximately 30 minutes, until it is cooked.
  • Put the tray aside and put a little syrup on it; So that it is not completely submerged, and serve the jalalan cold with juices and cold drinks.

How to prepare Libyan sweets

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