playing cards (hardness)

Playing cards (strength) are usually made of plastic or heavy paper, and usually consist of two groups, the first group is blue and the other red, and the number of one group is 52 cards and with the addition of two joker balls, it becomes 54 cards per group, people use playing cards for entertainment or For magic tricks or other purposes. In their spare time, young people or the elderly spend their time playing cards, where there are several games that are played hard, including: (Basra, Poker, Shayeb, Solitaire, Hand Remy, Sabaa Al-Kumi, Tarneeb) and in our topic we will talk about How to play Tarneeb.

How to play Tarneeb

The power of playing cards and their names

The following order shows the strength of the playing cards from weakest to strongest: (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2), where A is the strongest card and 2 is the weakest card Play, and the following is an explanation of the symbols of the cards:

  • A = It is called the ace or the ace and is the strongest card in play.
  • K = which is an abbreviation of the word King, which means in Arabic the king, and it has other names such as Sheikh or Al-Shayeb.
  • Q= It is an abbreviation of the word Queen, which in Arabic means the Queen and is also called the girl.
  • J = which is an abbreviation of the word Jack and is also called the boy.

Steps to play Tarneeb

There are four groups in Tarneeb and they are called by the modern name: (spades, diamonds, kibbeh, and the senak), and there are also various other names in the Arab countries. At first we use half of the playing cards with the removal of the jawaker; Because it has no place in the game, where this game needs four players and is based on the principle of partnership between all players who sit opposite each other to form a team, and the other players are the opponent, and to determine who starts distributing the cards, a random card is drawn by each player and the owner of the weakest card He begins by distributing the cards, as the person sitting on his left cuts the cards or determines the method of distributing the cards by asking him to distribute the cards to him and his colleague first or last or other roles, or he can be allowed to start the distribution without choosing, and starts from right to Left and gives each person 13 cards, after completing the hand the cards are arranged in ascending order of the same color to facilitate the playing process.

The person sitting to the right of the dealer starts by asking for a certain number, as the lowest number is 7 and the largest is “Kbot”, which means that the team takes all the meals. If he cannot collect at least 7 dishes, and after the person who requests the highest number is approved, he determines the type of Tarnebeh and the game begins by throwing a paper and all people must play the same type of card that has been played, and play continues like this and when the amount of cards of the same type runs out, the player can Play the Tarneeb paper and the Tarneeb paper is always the strongest, and the game continues where if the team requests a certain number of food and wins it, it is scored for him, and the other team does not score any point, and if the number he requested is lost, it is deducted from the total and the food eaten by the other team is added to their total, and also 5 points are deducted for the team that cheats or if there is a mistake in the hand, and the game ends with one team reaching 61 points or as agreed.

How to play Tarneeb

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