God Almighty has enjoined on His Muslim servants five prayers: Fajr, Zuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha, and He made specific times for this prayer to be performed, as these times are distributed throughout the day and night during the full twenty-four hours, as these five prayers provide the Muslim person with energy Very high spirituality, so that after performing it, another person becomes able to reach the best and highest spiritual ranks, of course if he performs it the right to perform it, and does not rush, or if he does not deal with it as a burden that must be disposed of as soon as possible.

Al-fajr prayer

Many people want to wake up to the Fajr prayer, as it is one of the most difficult prayers for a person. Waking up to it requires self-fighting, and staying away from bed, as this matter is considered one of the greatest hardships for the same person. The weather is cold, and from here, whoever can wake up to this prayer, he is considered one of the best people in worship, as he was able to overcome the craving for sleep, and put his hands under cold water, all of this to please God Almighty and draw close to Him.

Since waking up to the dawn prayer is a difficult matter for a person, some people have found great difficulty in this matter, especially those who stay up late at night, who work at night, or evening shifts, or even those who work for long periods during the day. And in hard work, for this it is necessary to explain some of the ways that help to perform this great obedience, there is nothing more beautiful than worshiping God Almighty at night while people are asleep.

Ways to wake up for Fajr prayer

  • In order for a person to abide by the obedience of God Almighty, he must first adhere to His commands and not violate them. Worshiping God Almighty is success from Him alone and not by man’s intelligence or effort. For this reason, God Almighty’s piety during the day will help to perform the dawn prayer, and to abide by His commands. Also, paying attention and making the intention to perform this blessed prayer helps one to perform the Fajr prayer while being present, and not to make up for it at the time of waking up.
  • Adequate sleep before the time for Fajr prayer. If a person sleeps late, he will miss this great prayer, because he will not be able to get up to perform this prayer.
  • Use all means of alarm, and place them in a place inside the room but away from the bed so that the person is forced to leave the bed to close it, and whenever a person leaves his bed, it is easy for him to stay awake.
  • Make sure to take a good nap during the day, as it absorbs the fatigue of the day, and helps the Muslim to wake up early to perform the Fajr prayer.

How do you perform the Fajr prayer?

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