Prayer is the pillar of religion, and its importance is the second among the pillars of Islam, where the righteousness of the servant’s deeds depends on the complete establishment of his prayers, and it is the first thing that a person will be held accountable for in the grave, and it is five duties that a Muslim performs during the day and night, which are in order the dawn prayer, followed by the noon, and the afternoon, from Then Maghrib and Isha, and each obligatory prayer has a specific time for its performance that starts from the time of the call to prayer and continues until the next call to prayer, except for the Fajr prayer, which is superseded until sunrise.

Legitimate licenses

How to perform the combined and shortening prayers

Combination and shortening are a type of licenses granted by Sharia to a Muslim to make it easier for him to perform the obligatory prayer during his travels, as it is possible for a traveler to face a lot of hardship and fatigue during his journey, and he becomes lazy or delays in performing his prayers. Therefore, Sharia allowed the traveler to combine and shorten his prayers.

Palace prayer

Shortening is for the worshiper to shorten the number of rak’ahs of the four rak’ahs of prayer, if the distance he travels on his journey is eighty kilometers or more, and it is only for the four rak’ahs.

Friday prayer

Combining in prayer means performing two prayers together, such as the noon prayer with the afternoon prayer, or the sunset prayer with the evening prayer, and in both cases there are specific conditions. Mosques have a danger to the worshipers, so either he offers a prayer ahead of its time and combines it with a prayer whose time has entered, or he delays a prayer whose time has begun until the next prayer begins. Delaying, as well as combining Maghrib and Isha, taking into account the order where the noon prayer is prayed first, then establish the prayer again for the afternoon prayer and so on, and it must be noted that it is not permissible to combine the dawn prayer with the evening prayer nor the dawn with the noon, and also it is not permissible to combine the afternoon prayer with the sunset.

How to perform short and combined prayers

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