How to memorize the Holy Quran

The best thing that a Muslim can invest his time in is the remembrance of God Almighty, and the best remembrance is the recitation and memorization of the Noble Qur’an, and this can be achieved through the following method:[1]

  • Memorizing one page of the Noble Qur’an daily, while reading the part that follows the part of it that he memorizes by looking at the Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an contains twenty pages, so he will recite Juz Tabarak twenty times during the period of memorizing Juz Amma, which makes it easy for him to memorize, and this is how he does in every part of the Holy Qur’an.
  • Reading one part of the Noble Qur’an takes about half an hour, so the memorizer can divide the part he wants to read into two parts, so he reads half of it in the morning, and the other half in the evening.
  • Reciting the Juz’ can be replaced by listening to it, and it is better for a Muslim to read it one day and hear it one day.
  • If his time is short or he is slow in memorizing or otherwise, a Muslim can memorize half a page per day instead of an entire page, and thus he reads half a juz per day as well, not an entire juz.
  • A Muslim can make one day a week to review only without memorizing.

Important things when memorizing the Qur’an

There are a number of things that a Muslim should be keen on in order to make memorization easier for him, among which are mentioned:[2]

  • Make sure to choose the right time to start saving.
  • Make sure to choose the right place for conservation, so that there are few distractions.
  • Get rid of everything that occupies before you start memorizing.
  • Be careful to eat sugars; Because preservation is the function of the mind, and the mind feeds on sugars.
  • Be careful to start memorizing when the Muslim is between hunger and satiety.

Benefits of memorizing the Holy Quran

The Muslim gains some benefits and skills when he memorizes the Holy Qur’an. Some of them are explained below:[3]

  • Spend pleasant moments in the company of the Noble Qur’an while memorizing it, by reflecting on it, understanding it, and working with it.
  • Learn how to plan to achieve goals, how to break down big goals into small goals, as well as learn to be patient and not rush to get results.
  • Realizing that what matters is the quality and mastery of the work, not the speed of its completion, and the time spent on it.
  • Realizing the value of time, and how to use it for the benefit.

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How to memorize the Qur’an quickly and easily

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