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The French scientists Alfred Binet and Teddor Simon designed the IQ test in 1905, which is a test used to measure the IQ of a person, and what is known as the approximate intelligence is determined based on the test result. Be a genius, and despite the accuracy of this test, the process of determining IQ is not an easy process. No person should be compared by comparing his test with other people; Because everyone has their own uniqueness.

How to measure IQ

There are many tests on the Internet, which aim to check IQ, and there are many companies that require individuals to submit an IQ test before working for them, and for this reason these tests are very important, so that a person can determine his mental abilities, and often What test questions are designed in a scientific way to help determine the IQ accurately, and all questions depend in their answers on mental logic, and the possibility of solving them needs to think about finding logical solutions to simple and more complex questions, and according to the Department of Intelligence at the Swedish Neuronet Academy, IQs are classified as follows:

  • Score 58-68: IQ is low, below the general IQ.
  • Score 68-80: IQ is acceptable.
  • 80-115 score: IQ is good, and within the general average.
  • Score 115-122: IQ is very good, and above the general average.
  • Score 122-135: IQ is excellent, and he is a very talented person.
  • Score 135-145: IQ is very good, almost genius.
  • 145-165: Genius IQ.
  • 165-185: IQ above genius.
  • 185-200: IQ is very rare.
  • 200 or above: IQ is unmatched, and the owner of this score is classified as a genius and very rare.

IQ Exam General Instructions

  • The test taker must be psychologically and physically comfortable, and it is not preferable to undergo the test during illness.
  • You should not cheat during the test, rely on your own abilities to answer, and you may not use a calculator, or ask others to clarify questions.
  • Make sure that the place for the test is comfortable and quiet, because the test taker needs full concentration.
  • It is preferable not to exceed the test for 45 minutes, because the duration also has a role in determining intelligence.
  • The same test should not be repeated more than once, because it will be repeated in the following times, and it will not measure IQ, but only the ability to remember.

How to measure IQ

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