How to make your character spiritual

“In the heart of every human being is a hole called God’s hole, which only God can fill.” This saying is fully consistent with what the heavenly religions have mentioned. God Almighty is not interested in faith, so why does he persist in talking about such a matter to the near and far? Why does he mock others if he sees them talking about God? Whoever is not convinced of a particular idea does not make it the focus of his thinking day and night, even if it is on an internal level.

The more spiritual a person is, the higher he rises in himself and his body, and this is reflected on others around him, who interact with him with the convictions, ideas, and morals emanating from him from within, and these three things can be a reflection of the sublime spirit that a person possesses.


The spiritual personality needs work, effort, and effort, and it also needs, as we mentioned, to be religious in the first place. Faith in religion is the essence, and saturation with religious teachings and ideas is the authentic way to spiritually elevate a person’s personality. With his lofty thoughts:

  • Reading the Holy Bible with contemplation and contemplation, not based on the principle of every letter of ten good deeds.
  • Performing acts of worship with contemplation, reflection and reverence, and not considering it a duty that must be fulfilled, so there is a big difference between making us comfortable with it, O Bilal, and making us comfortable with it, O Bilal.
  • The compassionate human approach was in dealing with others, working to help all those in need, and being completely sympathetic to people.

the art

Art is the second means after religion that works to make the personality more spiritual, as the arts add beauty to the human being, and make the soul brighter, and the soul more calm, in addition to the fact that arts keep man away from various impurities that are not worthy of his destiny.

Music among all kinds of arts is the most capable of affecting a person spiritually, as music works to arouse deep, deep feelings that help him to rise little by little. Of great vulgarity, songs of nudity and obscenity, commercial songs, or what is known as the artistic medium versions are among the most degrading of human beings, and this vulgarity resulted mainly as a result of the overlap of capital with art, and it will also interfere in the future with religion and perhaps this interference has begun today It is not surprising if we see fast food restaurants in places of worship.

How do you make your character spiritual?

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