Make-up to reduce the nose

Make-up contributes to reducing the nose by using it by following the following method:[1]

  • Draw a fine line on the sides of the nose using a foundation darker than the usual non-shiny color.
  • A third fine line is drawn on the bridge of the nose.
  • Mix the foundation cream well on the nose.
  • Apply the usual foundation cream to the skin, then blend.
  • Distribute an amount of powder on the face.
  • Note: It is recommended to use makeup that does not contain shiny materials; To reduce the shine of the nose, and its prominence.

Make-up trick to reduce the nose

Make-up contributes to drawing attention to other parts of the face away from the nose, which contributes to making it look natural and smaller by following the following tricks:[2]

  • Blush: Distribute an amount of it on the cheeks; To highlight them, which contributes to the disregard of the nose.
  • Light powder: It is recommended to use a light makeup powder, and to avoid the use of glossy powder; Because the shine helps to highlight the size of the nose more.
  • Bronzer: An amount of bronzer is distributed on the prominent areas of the face, such as: the apples of the cheek, the lower part of the middle of the nose, the chin, and the forehead, which gives a natural look to the skin without focusing on the appearance of the big nose, and the bronzer can be used to reduce the nose as well.
  • Hair styling: The way the hair is combed affects the appearance of the nose. When combing it from the middle of the head, this contributes to the presence of a line in the middle of the head, which leads to shedding light on the nose. When combing the hair on one side of the head, it highlights the light away from the nose area.

Nose reduction exercises

There are many exercises that will reduce the nose, including:[3]

  • Nose sculpting exercise: This exercise contributes to reshaping the nose and prevents sagging. The following method can be followed to perform it:
  • Press on the lower sides of the nose using the index fingers, then breathe in well without exaggerating it.
  • Repeat the exercise 10 times regularly; For best results.
  • Nose massage exercise: Massaging the nose contributes to reducing it, treating headaches, and many other benefits, and the following method can be followed to implement it:
  • Massage all parts of the nose, starting from the bridge of the nose to its tips, and ending with the end of the sides of the nose, by moving the fingers in circular motions.
  • Repeat the process daily for 5 minutes each time; To get good results.

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How can I make my nose smaller with makeup?

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