Parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese is the most famous type of cheese famous in Italy, which is included in many Italian recipes. It is a hard yellow cheese, and it is dry, with a moisture content of about 25%. It has a strong smell. It is prepared from skimmed milk. Parmesan can be purchased pre-grated available. In the markets, however, its flavor is completely different from the freshly grated cheese, and one of the most famous Italian dishes that Parmesan includes is Caesar salad, and all pasta dishes, pasta, pizza, and gratin, also called Parmigiano relative to the place of production in Parma and Reggio, which is its original name Because Parmesan is a French word.

How to prepare parmesan cheese

Parmesan cheese is prepared by mixing fresh, full-fat milk taken in the morning from cows with skimmed milk from evening milk and then placed in large tanks until the cream is separated, then the milk is pumped into large copper-lined bowls and then whey is added and placed on A temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, then add cheese rennet, a substance taken from the stomach of the baby calf and works to coagulate the milk to make cheese, then leave the mixture to coagulate for ten minutes, and divide the resulting mixture into small pieces, then raise the temperature further to 55 degrees Celsius for a period Approximately an hour, then the mixture that is produced from this process is collected in cotton cloth, then divided into two parts, then placed in molds, after that the cheese is kept in stainless steel molds of circular shape and then tightened tightly with a spring clip for two days, then the cheese is Remove the clamp to keep the cheese in its round shape.

Parmesan cheese is one of the richest types of other cheeses in calcium that is beneficial for the health of bones and teeth, so it is always recommended to eat Parmesan cheese for people who suffer from calcium deficiency or osteoporosis, especially in children of growing age, and it should be noted that Parmesan is lactose-free so it is necessary for people who do not have The ability to be lactose intolerant, in addition to preventing tooth decay, Parmesan contains a high percentage of protein important to supply the body with the energy needed to carry out all its functions, build and strengthen muscles, and therefore it gives a feeling of satiety for longer periods, and therefore it is recommended by nutritionists for people who suffer from obesity, It also contains vitamin A and D, so it is recommended to eat an amount of it daily, especially for pregnant women; Because she must compensate the body of the calcium absorbed by her fetus.

How to make parmesan cheese

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