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Monday May 4, 2020

How to make moles – mursal

Khaddiat is one of the necessary things that exist within any home, and it is one of the simple tasks that a lady of the house can do in making and coordinating it, especially if she prefers to do sewing and handicraft, then making khaddiyat is considered one of the fun, easy and fast ideas that a goddess can The house can be made for her own home to give her a nice touch to the bedrooms, or you can present it as a gift to family and friends, and something else that enables her to start her small business.

A housewife can participate with her children in the work of rosaceae, in order to achieve fun and give children new skills that develop their intelligence, and that rosacea making is not tiring and takes several simple steps that any woman can take in a very small period of time that takes approximately 15 minutes, and all he needs Making a cushion is to buy fabrics in various colors, and beautiful decorations to make these cushions. You can also make them for her home by using old fabrics and clothes that she was not using after that.

Tools for making rags

Making rocks needs some tools and materials, such as:

  1. The cloth
  2. Sewing scissors.
  3. A ruler or a tape measure.
  4. Sewing Marking Soap.
  5. Yarns and needles, must be taken into account the colors and quantity of yarns used and matched with the colors of the fabric.
  6. Sewing machine, if any.
  7. Fillers, made of polyester or cotton.
  8. Fastening pins.

Steps to make rags

We can make moles using a set of simple and easy steps [1]Among the most important of these steps are the following:

Define the shape

First, the shape that you want for the blusher is determined, and in most cases the square or rectangular shape is chosen because its design is easy to implement, even if it has a little skill in sewing, the square or rectangle shape is easy to implement because it will not need much skills in the sewing craft .


You specify the required size on the fabric if the required shape is square. All dimensions of the square must be equal. Measurement of 50 cm may be appropriate. If the required shape is a rectangle, it should be appropriate to have a length of 80 cm, and a width of 50 cm.

These sizes can be changed according to what you want and it is necessary to leave a space of 3 cm from all four sides (right, left, up and down) for sewing, and it can also leave a space of 10 cm for the work of the upper ends of the couch that are open, and can be in color Another and different from the main color of the pillow, but it must be appropriate and appropriate to the color of the pillow.

Fold the cloth

You fold the fabric in two folds so that we have two parallel rectangles, and in this step it is necessary to ensure that the parallel edges of the cloth are equal to each other, and that one side touches each other.


Using scissors, you cut the fabric according to the desired size into two square or rectangular equal areas, taking care to consider three basic things during the cutting process.

  • The first thing: that the pieces of the cloth that were cut are slightly larger than the desired size to obtain for the pillows, because when sewing a certain number of centimeters of the length and width of the fabric is taken, this is so that the size of the pillow is not less.
  • The second and the second: If the fabric used in the cushioning process is embossed or carved, you should pay attention to the fact that the shape of the sternum should be as straight as possible.
  • The third thing is if you start cutting, the back part is divided into two pieces, so that this part represents an opening for inserting and removing the pillow.

Ensure accuracy of shear

This is done by folding the fabric to the text, once in length, and once in width, to ensure that there were no incomplete or wrong ends and work to modify these errors if any.

Install the fabric

We install the pillow fabric using pins from all sides, and all sides in order to help guide the sewing process, as these pins represent the primary rule for those who do the sewing process, and they also enable you to have a structured and tidy shape with straight edges, while doing the pillow cloth installation The front part of the pillow should be taken into account, then the back part above it, so that the fabric is inverted.


To prepare the fabric for sewing, you can use an iron to straighten and remove wrinkles, make a straight line and to help guide and complete the sewing process, the pieces of fabric can be leveled and ironed.


In this step, we start by sewing only three ends, whether it is a square or a rectangular fabric, since it is necessary to leave a hole for the filling when the sewing is finished, and with regard to the matter of the shape of the sewing stitch, it is necessary to choose a beautiful and granular shape of the stitch, in order to give an attractive shape to the pillow, in addition to that The stitch shape or the zigzag sewing method reduces the exposure of the fabric to being torn, and it is also possible to use the other stitch shape, which is the straight stitch [3] .

And if you finish sewing with the hand, you must take the time to sew the pillow, and ensure that the sewing line is very straight, but if the sewing is done by the machine, then the sewing process is easier, faster and accurate.

Turning the square or rectangular fabric; after the sewing process is finished we turn the fabric over to the other side (the face of the pillow).

Decorate the pillow and insert padding

You can decorate the cushion by adding a decorative strip to the final pillow case in a color that matches the color of the pillow case.

Insert the filling; insert the pillow dedicated to the pillow, whether it is cotton or fiber in the cap from the hole designated for it that you left, and then sew that hole.

Instructions for choosing a fabric pillow

There are some things that you should pay attention to when choosing a fabric for your pillow covers [2] Among the most important of these are:

  1. Choosing the type of fabric that is appropriate for making cheeks, and this matter can be determined according to the purpose behind making cheeks. For example, if making the cheeks for the purpose of sleeping, then the cloth used should have a smooth and comfortable feel to the skin when it comes into contact, and in this case it is desirable to use a fabric Made of fine cotton or satin.
  2. It is necessary that the color of the fabric used is appropriate to match the colors of the bedroom, especially the covers for beds and sheets. If the making of rugs is made for the purpose of decorations and decoration, there is nothing wrong with choosing any type of fabric used, but we focus on only one thing, which is choosing the color that is appropriate With furniture,
  3. Consider choosing a fabric that can be washed in all the usual ways.
  4. The last issue is the size of the fabric we need to make the cushion, so it is possible to estimate the normal size of the couch needs approximately 2 – 2.5 meters of fabric.

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