There are many ways in which kunafa is made and prepared, depending on the different ingredients and ingredients that go into its composition, in addition to the different regions in which it is made. Which is accepted by a large number of people around the world, and due to the multiplicity of its types, we chose to review the best way to prepare kunafa with cream.

The method of kunafa with cream

the components


  • A cup and a quarter of granulated sugar.
  • A third of a cup of water.
  • Half a teaspoon of lemon.


  • Four cups of liquid milk.
  • Half a cup of starch.
  • Half a cup of Chantilly cream.
  • Four tablespoons of granulated sugar.

Konafa ingredients

  • At least half a kilo of kunafa, and the quantity can be increased according to the number of people.
  • A quarter to a third of a kilo of well-melted ghee without salt.

How to prepare

  • First, the cream must be prepared, by heating liquid milk in a deep bowl, on a strong or high fire, then add starch with two tablespoons of ghee, and stir them well until the mixture holds together, then add the cream to the mixture and volatility with it well, and after The mixture is then placed in the refrigerator.
  • Prepare the syrup by putting its ingredients, which are water, sugar and lemon on a moderate-temperature fire, and leaving it until it reaches the boiling point for a period of not less than a quarter of an hour, then put it aside to cool.
  • Put the kunafa in a deep bowl without cutting, add a little ghee and sugar, and stir until it becomes a cohesive mixture.
  • Heat the oven at a temperature not less than 350 degrees Celsius, then grease the oven container with ghee or butter well as desired, so that the kunafa does not stick to the walls or edges, and distribute the kunafa taking care to keep it away from the edges, and put a quantity of cream in the middle of the kunafa layer, Then put the rest of the konafa on top of it, then put it in the oven for at least forty-five minutes until it turns golden.
  • Finally, the syrup is added to the kunafa after its maturity, preferably after a short period of time until it cools, and is left until it is completely absorbed, and then served.

How to make konafa with cream

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