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Wednesday July 1, 2020

How to make iPhone software in 3 steps from 3utools

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Although the iPhone software is considered to be largely fixed and this is one of the most important features of IOS that distinguishes it from Android, but in some cases you may need to reinstall the iPhone software or return it to the factory completely to treat some errors.

These errors may occur as a result of downloading the update from the phone directly without using a computer or an iTunes interface for the apple system on Windows and Mac systems, this malfunction is very popular and it is always better to install the update on your phone using a computer to ensure that the phone works smoothly and easily Top.

While itunes is the primary and official interface for dealing with iPhone phones, there are third-party programs that you can rely on heavily in dealing with devices, we have talked about one of these programs previously, which is 3uTools, which is the program that I prefer and use it personally and today we will talk about a specific feature It is the ability to install any iPhone software update from within the program without returning to iTunes.

IPhone software work from 3utools:

As it appears in front of you from the title, the process of downloading and installing the iPhone software from 3utools is very easy and very simple, all you have to do is follow the following steps but in the beginning before we start make sure to download the latest version of 3utools and itunes in addition to taking a backup copy of your files Important on the phone in anticipation of its loss.

  • When you open the main interface of 3utools, press the Flash & JB button

  • This will take you to the next screen, which is the screen from which you will choose the iPhone software that you want to download and install on your device. Do not worry, the program will not tire you and ask you to search for systems, links, files and other things so all you will do is choose the version only and leave the device to deal with matters The rest is as easy and smooth as possible.How to make iPhone software in 3 steps from 3utools 2
  • Now there are three options in front of you, numbered as you see from 1 to 3 and they are as follows:
    1- Downloading the system you want to export, you can of course choose from the different versions available in front of you easily
    2- Importing or selecting the file that you have previously downloaded or from the various existing sites, when you click on it it will open the file locating window which is the very usual file opening window
    3- Choosing a pre-loaded system file but not found on Apple’s servers or program servers, which is if you have previously downloaded a system but you do not know what it was released.
  • Now that we have downloaded the file and selected it, the copying or installing the iPhone software remains before us, but before we start the installation process itself, you must choose a choice from the ones in the box below.
  • The first option will save your files and you will not lose them during the update process or install the software for the iPhone
  • The second option is the quick install process, which is the usual thing that you will lose normally
  • The third option, which is the complete iPhone software installation process that leads to the loss of files and the inability to retrieve them using any program to recover files or restore files and other things, which is the choice that I recommend if you are going to sell your personal phone.
  • Now that you have selected all the options you want, click the Flash button to start the installation process without any interference from you.

As I told you the process is done in just three steps, choose the system – select the scan options – start the installation process.

You can download 3uTools for free here.

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