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oven donut

cooking time

30 minutes

enough for

5 people

the components

  • a glass of milk;
  • 1 cup of seedless jam (with the desired flavor).
  • A teaspoon of vanilla.
  • A quarter cup of sugar.
  • egg yolk;
  • Two eggs.
  • Powdered sugar – for garnish.
  • Two teaspoons of yeast.
  • Three quarters of a teaspoon of salt.
  • Half a stick of butter.
  • Three and a half cups of flour.
  • Half a mold of melted butter – to grease the face of the donut -.

How to prepare

  • Prepare a large baking tray and set it aside.
  • Heat the oven to a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius.
  • Put each of: salt, sugar, yeast, and three cups of flour in a bowl, stir the mixture, then set it aside.
  • Put the: milk, egg yolk, and eggs in a deep bowl and whisk the mixture with an electric whisk on high speed until the mixture is well homogeneous and the ingredients are homogeneous with each other.
  • Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture and stir the mixture with an electric whisk on medium speed until the flour disappears and the ingredients are homogeneous.
  • Add the butter to the egg and flour mixture and continue to beat the mixture until the butter is homogeneous with the rest of the ingredients.
  • Add the rest of the flour to the mixture as needed and continue to beat until a cohesive dough is formed.
  • Transfer the dough to an oiled bowl and leave it in a warm place until it doubles in size and ferments.
  • Put the jam in a pastry bag and set it aside.
  • Put the dough on the work table and roll it out to an appropriate thickness, then cut the dough into circles.
  • Arrange the donut circles on the prepared baking tray.
  • Put the donuts into the preheated oven and bake for twenty minutes, until browned.
  • Remove the donuts from the oven and brush their faces with melted butter using a brush, then return them to the oven and bake for another ten minutes.
  • Take the donuts out of the oven and leave them to cool completely.
  • Fill the donuts with jam using a pastry bag.
  • Arrange the donuts stuffed with jam on a large serving plate, sprinkle them with powdered sugar, and serve them warm or cold.

Fried saffron donut

the components

  • a cup of sugar.
  • a glass of milk;
  • ¼ cup of melted butter.
  • A teaspoon of vanilla.
  • Two large eggs.
  • A teaspoon of crushed saffron.
  • Large egg yolk.
  • Half a teaspoon of fine nutmeg.
  • One and a half teaspoons of salt.
  • A tablespoon of baking powder.
  • Four cups of flour.
  • Corn oil or vegetable ghee – for frying -.
  • Powdered sugar – for garnish.

How to prepare

  • Sift each of: nutmeg, salt, baking powder and flour in a bowl, stir the mixture and set it aside.
  • Put each of: vanilla, sugar, crushed saffron, eggs and egg yolk in a deep bowl in a mixer bowl with the paddle attachment installed and turned on to homogenize the ingredients with each other well.
  • Add the flour mixture to the egg mixture, install the kneading paddle, then run the mixer on medium speed until you get a dough.
  • Put the dough in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator for twenty to thirty minutes, until the dough is firm and easy to cut.
  • Take the dough out of the refrigerator and place it on the work surface, then roll it out with a rolling pin of an appropriate thickness and cut it into circles using a donut cutter.
  • Put a large amount of oil in a deep frying pan and place it over a medium heat until the oil is well heated.
  • Drop four to five donut circles into the hot oil and fry for two minutes on each side until golden on both sides, and repeat the same step with the rest of the donut dough circles.
  • Remove the fried donuts from the oil and place them on kitchen paper to get rid of the excess oil using a wide spoon with holes.
  • Arrange the donuts on a serving plate, sprinkle with powdered sugar, and serve warm or cold.

How to make donuts in the oven

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