Konafa was classified as one of the most famous types of oriental sweets, which are commonly eaten all over the world. Because of its delicious taste, and its many benefits for the body, as well as the ease and multiple ways of preparing it, it can be prepared at home, or purchased from shops specializing in making sweets.

The origin of kunafa goes back to the Palestinian city of Nablus, so it is called the kunafa Nabulsi, and it contains white cheese. In this article, we will mention two ways to make kunafa.

How to make konafa

the ingredients:

  • A kilogram of ready-made kunafa dough.
  • A kilogram of akkawi cheese.
  • Six hundred grams of mozzarella cheese, or kashkawan.
  • Half a cup of sugar.
  • A tablespoon of rose water.
  • Two and a half cups of melted ghee.
  • A tablespoon of rose water.
  • Qatar, as desired.

How to prepare:

  • Soak the cheese in water, for an appropriate time; In order to remove the salty taste of them.
  • Crumble the cheese into very small pieces, rub it with rose water and blossom water, then add sugar.
  • Crumble the kunafa dough well, then rub it well with ghee.
  • Arrange at least three-quarters of the kunafa dough on a suitable-sized tray, after brushing it with ghee.
  • Add a layer of crumbled cheese on top of the dough, then cover it with the rest of the kunafa dough on top.
  • Put the tray in the oven, for at least forty minutes, until it turns golden.
  • Add diameter, as desired.

How to stick kunafa with cheese

the ingredients:

  • Two hundred and fifty grams of grated mozzarella cheese.
  • Large top of cream cheese.
  • A bag of toast.
  • Pistachio for garnish, as desired.

How to prepare:

  • Ignite the oven at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees Celsius.
  • Grease the toast with cream cheese, and fill the edges with mozzarella cheese.
  • Roll the toast in a circular manner, and cut it in the middle.
  • Put it on a tray, and put it in the oven, watching it until it turns golden.
  • Sprinkle pistachios for garnish.
  • The syrup can be prepared, as desired.

Towing method

the ingredients:

  • Three cups of sugar.
  • a glass of water.
  • A teaspoon of rose water.
  • Two teaspoons of rose water.
  • Lemon squeeze.

How to prepare:

  • Put sugar and water in a saucepan over a medium temperature.
  • Mix the ingredients well until the sugar dissolves.
  • Squeeze the lemon over the mixture and mix well.
  • Remove it from the fire, and add rose water and rose water.

Delicious konafa recipe

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