Pressure cooker

Many housewives resort to using the pressure cooker in cooking, in order to reduce the time that the broth needs to be cooked, especially if lunch time approaches, and the remaining time is not enough for the food to level out. Chicken kabsa, which increased the demand for cooking it in this way, has become with time a well-known and widely spread dish, especially in the countries of the Arabian Gulf. It is known as the compressed kabsa. This food is characterized by its speed in preparing and cooking, as it does not need only twenty minutes until it is fully cooked.

Make chicken kabsa in a pressure cooker

the components

  • A large chicken, cleaned and divided into quarters or eighths, with the skin removed.
  • Two cups of long rice soaked for an hour.
  • Two large tomatoes.
  • A grain of onion.
  • Two tablespoons of tomato puree.
  • A little corn oil.
  • A piece of colored pepper.
  • A quarter of a kilo of raisins for cooking.
  • Two love of blame.
  • A spoonful of cardamom powder.
  • A spoon and a half of Kabsa seasoning.
  • spoonful of salt;
  • hot pepper.
  • laurel paper.
  • Cinnamon stick.
  • Three cloves.

How to prepare

  • Put the oil in a pressure cooker over a medium heat, and leave it for a while to heat up.
  • Cut the onions into small cubes, add to the hot oil, and stir constantly with the oil until it turns blond, add the kabsa spice, salt, black pepper, and ground cardamom, with the onions and stir well.
  • Add the chicken pieces to the pot, and stir with the onions and spices for a few minutes.
  • Cut a green sweet pepper and tomato into small cubes, add to the pot and stir with chicken, onions and spices until they wilt.
  • Add three cups of hot water to the pot, until the chicken is completely covered, and add the bay leaf, cinnamon stick, raisins, cloves and lumi to the water.
  • Close the pressure cooker tightly, and leave for ten minutes on a medium heat until the chicken is completely cooked.
  • Remove the pressure cooker from the heat, empty the steam and open it carefully. Remove the chicken pieces from the saucepan, and set aside in a plate, while extracting the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves and cloves from the chicken broth.
  • Add the rice after draining it to the pressure cooker, and cover it completely with the broth, place the chicken over the rice, close the pressure cooker and leave for another ten minutes until the rice is cooked.
  • Open the pressure cooker, arrange the chicken in a serving dish, and the rice is poured into its own serving dish.

How to make chicken kabsa in a pressure cooker

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