A website is defined as a group of pages linked to each other on the same server, which can be accessed after connecting to the Internet service, and accessing one of the special browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others, where sites are one of the most important sources Information, and in this article we will introduce you to the steps to follow to create a private website.

How does a website work?

  • Determining the goal of creating the website: Knowing the main purpose of its creation, for example, is the goal of this website is entertainment and entertainment, or is it for education and general culture, or is it for marketing and advertising purposes, and it is necessary to know the category for which this website is intended, such as youth and adolescents, businessmen, housewives, etc., and then work on the following:
  • Communicate with private companies to reserve space for the new website: which is called hosting companies, and the nature of their work is similar to the nature of the work of companies that rent cars or homes, and these companies may provide their services for free, and in this case they are responsible for listing On the other hand, there are some companies that provide paid services, not exceeding thirty dollars per month, and their advantage is that the owner of the site gets complete freedom in managing the site and displaying ads, and if the site is famous, all His profits go to the designer and not to the company, and it is indicated that the method of payment is through credit cards only.
  • Registration with the hosting company: by inserting the address of the site to be used, and in this case the company checks the address and makes sure that it is available for use or not. The hosting company will send an email to the site owner with a set of tips and instructions related to site management, marketing purposes and others.
  • Starting with the design of the site: that is, determining the shape of the site in terms of the colors used, the method of display, the shape of the icons, the method of moving from one page to another, and so on. In this case, the site owner has more than one choice, namely:
  • Upload information to the site: Using high-tech protocols and software such as (FTP), the website will be ready.
  • Determine the name or address of the website, which is known as Domine Name, which begins with (www).
  • Putting more than one address for the site, because it is possible that another site uses the same address that was chosen. This step would save time and effort for the site owner, and it is noteworthy that the number of suggested names for the site should not be less than ten.
  • That he himself design the site, by starting to take private lessons in design and graphics, which may take time and may not be of the required quality, but it will be free.
  • Agreement with a friend or anyone who has experience in design: One of the advantages of this option is that it is less expensive, or it may be free if the friend takes over the design task.
  • Contracting with private companies: the result will be excellent, but the material cost may be very high.

How to make a website

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