How to make video railsor the way to design a video Rails is among the important things that are searched through the Google search engine, where Rails is one of the applications or services competing for the well-known Tiktok application, in an attempt by Facebook to compete with this Chinese application, the company provided the Instagram Rails feature. On the application to compete with it, and through a useful site, we will learn today about what Reels is, and how to make a video or publish a video in Reels in detail?

What does Instagram Reels mean?

The Reels application, or in English, Reels, is one of the competing services for the Chinese Tik Tok application. It is a service or an application, so to speak, that allows you to share and publish short videos that do not exceed 15 seconds, as is the case in the Tik Tok application, which recently supports the publication of 3-minute videos. .

Where Facebook seeks to compete with the Chinese application by introducing the feature (Instagram Rails), which is the service available in the application on Instagram, and it has provided the (Rails) section across the platform in the official Facebook application on Android and iPhone iOS, in order to increase the interaction of users with the new service and attract them to her.

At first, the service that attracted a large segment of teenagers and young people to it was available only in America and a number of European countries, but recently the feature was launched globally, as Meta announced the launch of the Instagram service globally to include more than 100 countries, including Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

How to make a video Reels

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How to make a video Reels

Millions of users have accepted the Reels service for the well-known Instagram application, Reels has been integrated into the application, and many people are trying to learn how to use Reels on Instagram and work to create and publish short videos to profit from it, and the way to make a Reels video is as follows :

  • At first, be sure to download the latest version of the Instagram app for Android and iPhone, through the official store in both the Google Play Store, and the iTunes App Store for iOS phones.
  • Open the Instagram app by clicking on the icon.
  • Log in to Instagram by typing your email or phone number.
  • Enter the password to be able to access the account.
  • Swipe to the right to open the camera, or you can tap the phone’s camera icon.
  • Click on the Reels option at the bottom of the screen.
  • You will also find a video icon in the bottom bar next to the search option and the e-shopping icon right in the middle.
  • Available videos will start showing or playing.
  • At the top, click on the camera icon in the left corner.
  • You will be taken to Rails Studio to begin recording and posting your video to your account.
  • Click Record Videos below to start recording videos.
  • The duration of the video is 15 seconds and reaches 30 seconds in some premium accounts, and the company will increase the duration of the Rails clips to 60 seconds and maybe 3 minutes, as is the case in the Tik Tok application.
  • You can use effects, filters, editing tools, and crop videos on Reels as you have access.
  • You can also preview the video before posting.
  • When finished, click on the small arrow to complete the process as in the image below.
  • Click Done.
How to make a video Reels

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Rails video design

  • You can add photos and videos from the studio by swiping up from the bottom or clicking on the studio icon within the service itself.
  • You can edit and design your video on Reels with the tools you have.
  • Write a description of the video and post it at the end.
  • You can publish it on your Facebook account.

How to add a Rails video on your phone

You can also add a Rails video that is already available on the phone studio. There are many pre-recorded videos that you want to upload to the Rails service for the Instagram application, and the way to add a Rails video from the phone is as follows:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Log in by typing your email and password to access the account.
  • Click on the videos icon at the bottom.
  • At the top, tap on the camera option to start recording the video.
  • Swipe up from the bottom and you’ll be taken to your photos and videos in the gallery.
  • Select the video to upload to Rails.
  • You can modify it by adding whatever filters and other effects you want.
  • Click on the publish button to show it to your friends.
  • You can share it on your Facebook account, and other platforms.
  • Or you can save it as a draft.

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Activate Rails Instagram

It is worth noting that there is no need to activate Rails Instagram, as the service is activated by default as part of the application on Instagram, as it is a service that has been integrated on the application in Instagram to compete with the Tiktok application.

All you have to do is log into your account, and then update the Instagram app to the latest version to get the new features.

Right below you will find a new icon, click on it to start recording videos and upload them to the Rails service, or you can watch the clips of other users within the service itself.

Earn money from Instagram Rails

You can also earn money from the Instagram Rails application and the Tik Tok application, which is one of the most popular ways to profit from the Internet at the present time. .

Where you can create exclusive videos, and then publish them on your account to start earning money through affiliate marketing, or ads promoting goods and products, and other ways in which you can work.


Finally, in today’s article, we learned about How to make video rails Reels, and we have discussed the method in detail so that you can publish a video in the Instagram Reels with a click of a button, in order to start earning money through this new service, as is the case in the Tik Tok application.

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