School magazine

The school magazine or the so-called wall magazine is considered one of the best means to help disseminate information, and it is characterized by its low financial cost, and it achieves very many educational and educational goals, in addition to its support for the school curriculum and course by activating students and increasing their love for study; As it gives them an opportunity to express their interests, ideas, opinions, and everything that is on their minds, it is, in short, a way to express what they like and dislike, and in this article we will discuss its goals, steps for preparation, in addition to some tips that contribute to its success.

Objectives of the school magazine

The school magazine achieves many important goals in the teaching process, the most important of which are the following:

  • Develop language skills, and increase students’ balance of them.
  • Strengthening the love of the mother tongue, and the introduction of other languages.
  • Refine the skills of follow-up, examination, and develop the spirit of criticism.
  • Creating connections between the students’ surroundings and their reality.
  • Discover and refine individual talents.
  • Stimulating the spirit of cooperation among students, strengthening their personalities, and teaching them to face difficulties.
  • Increase the demand for free reading, and interest in reading.

School magazine work steps

  • Choosing a title and logo for the magazine, specifically whether it is a weekly, monthly, or quarterly magazine.
  • Preparing the topics that will be the focus of her discussion, and the most important and important topics that may be covered are the following:
  • Directing and coordinating the magazine, so that the selected topics are presented in a smooth and enjoyable way, and it is preferred to write them on colored paper clips; to attract students.
  • An introduction to the school’s activities during the past period of time, and some pictures can be attached.
  • Interviews with educational family cadres.
  • Various articles that include general information, judgment, anecdotes and anecdotes, and educational stories.
  • Show the names of the outstanding students, praise them, and perhaps publish their photos and interviews.
  • Poems and prose stories written by school students.
  • The entertainment corner that contains entertaining and purposeful games at the same time.
  • Some cartoons.

Tips for making a school magazine a success

  • Teamwork, as a group of student volunteers is selected, and one of them is appointed to be its editor-in-chief so that he is able to manage the dialogue, create links between his team, choose the supervising teacher, and distribute tasks, each according to his hobby and abilities.
  • The inclusion of the content of the interests of the school students, its appropriateness with the age groups for them, and its consideration for all levels, and the individual differences between them.
  • Taking into account the design that contributes greatly to its success, it must be consistent in terms of shapes, colors, and ideas, and some decorative elements can be added that increase student demand, which increases the percentage of achievement of the desired goals.

How to make a school magazine

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