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The press report is considered one of the many arts of journalism, and it provides more details about an incident, news, or a specific topic. This article will talk in general about how to write a press report.

How to make a press report

Determine the topic of the report

This is according to the journalist’s daily notes, current events, or his various objective interests, such as if he is interested in cultural affairs and writes what he likes about cultural events, and searches for the secrets of intellectuals such as painters, writers, poets, thinkers, and sometimes the press institution determines the subject of the report, and then The journalist must adhere to the topic, and search for the information that constitutes it.

search for information

The research is divided into two parts, the first relates to field research, and interviews with people who are related to the facts covered in the report, or people who can provide more accurate and non-circulated information, which makes the report unique and new, and not imitated or stereotyped as previous reports, and the other section relates to By searching for fixed information that everyone knows and should not be crossed by the journalist, such as the area of ​​villages or the names of people, but at the same time he must search for details that support it, and explain it in a different way from his journalist counterparts.

At the research stage, the journalist must consider the following:

  • Recording information and noting the environment about which it is written, especially the descriptions related to the subject of the report or that pave the way for it. He still keeps the key to his demolished house.
  • Ensuring that the information produced by the research is verified, and that it is not taken for granted, and attributed to its owners.
  • comprehensiveness of research; The journalist does not take one side and ignore the other. The whole scene must be presented to the readers and recipients.
  • Getting rid of excess information. After the journalist returns from the field, he has a lot of facts and facts in his pocket, and he must keep some of them and postpone others for another article, or exclude them because they are not necessary or related to the main topic.

Writing the introduction

The journalist should prepare the subject of the report, start by talking about generalities to move at the end of its lines to refer to the core topic of the report, and the introductions are varied between descriptive ones that are far from literary words and rhetorical methods, in addition to the analytical, reporting and other introductions.

Writing the body of the report

In it, the facts and interviews conducted by the journalist are presented, and the people’s conversations quoted are attributed to them, especially those bearing the viewpoint of some, especially regarding sensitive issues such as those affecting the homeland, religion, or accusations regarding corruption cases, and the text is more detailed than the introduction, and we do not mean in detail Fillings or repetitions. Rather, the information must be clear, accurate, and direct without additions, or excessive expressions that bored the reader (cliches).

Writing the conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the topic of the report, and there are many methods by which the report can be concluded, and the conclusion may bear open questions that may prompt another press material, or it may provide new information that supports the text of the report, while some journalists excel in writing the conclusion that bears a comment that sparks admiration. Readers.

Report review

The journalist must review the report and correct spelling and grammatical errors, if any, in addition to ensuring the general coordination of the report, leaving spaces between lines and paragraphs, addressing them with short titles indicating the content of the paragraph, and paying attention to punctuation marks. The time period that a journalist needs to review his report varies between the novice or the professional who It only takes minutes to review his report for a regular report, or hours or a day for reports that are long or related to an important topic.

How to make a press report

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