Facebook is one of the most important and most famous social networking sites in the world, as it has many features that make it better than others. It includes the creation of private pages, blogs, and chat. Facebook is a great arena for dialogue, discussion and exchange of news and cultures, and this is something that we do not find in the communication sites. Other social. It is distinguished in Facebook the feature of creating groups, which can include friends, acquaintances, or colleagues, and this article will show how to make a group on Facebook.

How to make a group on Facebook

  • Log in to your Facebook account by typing your username and password.
  • You can choose to create a group by:
  • After choosing to create a group, a new window will appear to fill in the following data:
  • When all the previous steps are completed, click on Create.
  • Settings from the arrow in the Facebook bar, then create a group.
  • From the side menu on the right, choose Create Group.
  • Write a name for the group to be created.
  • Choose an icon for the group.
  • Adding members to the group: When you type a letter in the box designated to add members, a list of all members whose name begins with this letter will appear. The member is selected, then another letter is written, and so on until the list of members is complete.
  • Privacy Control: Either it’s a secret group; That is, no one can access it unless it is added or invited by a member, or it is closed; Only members of the group can access or participate in it, or it is open to everyone, who can see and participate in its content.

Change group settings on Facebook

  • Clicking on the dots image at the top left of the group.
  • Choose Edit group settings.

Group settings content

  • group name.
  • group icon.
  • Group type: is it political, economic, club, study group?
  • Add a description of the group: For example, write the goal of the group.
  • Relationships: Hobbies are written, and this item helps researchers to show groups that have the same interest.
  • Add a location, select a city or street.
  • Membership approval Members can add and approve new members, or wait for the group admin to approve them.
  • Post permissions: Members, admins, and admins can post to the group, or wait until the group admin approves.
  • After making the previous settings, you must press the Save button in order for the changes to be saved.

The benefit of a closed Facebook group

Useful for members who work in one environment, as it can be considered a collaborative environment that creates a comfortable and smooth atmosphere among the group members. It could be a group for Islamic education teachers, for example, in which teachers exchange their experiences and ideas without having to meet in one place.

How to make a group on Facebook

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