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Candles are a symbol of calm, romance and a dreamy atmosphere. Their appearance awakens beautiful feelings in the soul. Candles have been used since ancient times as a means of lighting and homes were lit by placing them on stands attached to the edges of the house called candlesticks, and they are now used in lighting and reviving special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and in The liturgy held in churches, and in shrines and shrines is a symbol of meekness and love. Candles are made in many ways, sizes and colors. They are easy to manufacture and do not require many materials to prepare a large amount of them. They have several types, the most important of which are animal wax such as beeswax, vegetable and mineral wax, and there is beeswax. And other types of different characteristics, and can be manufactured at home and in simple and easy steps.

How to make a candle

candle pressing process

  • Wax can be attributed to the ancient Egyptians who dipped reeds in animal fat and lit it, and in the heart of each candle there is a wick made of braided cotton rope, and to make this rope more solid, it is passed through a tank of liquid paraffin, which is wax derived from petroleum, then the rope is passed over a cooled barrel, making its surface The cold wax wraps solid immediately, then the wax cord goes to a piston to cut it into wicks, and there are several methods for making candles, all of which proceed from the simple principle that makes hot wax solid and white when it comes into contact with cold air or a cold surface, and this process is called pressure pressure.
  • Liquid paraffin travels from the tank to a set of sprinklers inside a six-meter-high refrigerated room.
  • The sprays shoot the wax high into the cold air, and then they fall to the floor, turning into small pieces of wax on the floor of the room.
  • The wax pieces are transmitted to a hydraulic press that turns them into the wax molds, but without heat, and punches a hole in the middle to pass the wick, and the temperature at this stage must be less than 25 degrees Celsius so that the so-called wax pieces do not melt, and so that they do not stick to each other and malfunction the machine.
  • The candles are transferred to a precise wick machine that cuts the wick and inserts it into each candle.

dipping process

  • Ninety-six wicks are installed on each frame of the automatic dipping machine.
  • Passing each frame after the other, the frames dip the wicks into a clear paraffin tank, and as the frames rise from the tank, gravity pulls the wax downward and creates a conical wax cap.
  • The wax cap becomes solid and white when the tire completes its cycle and returns to the reservoir.
  • The wicks return to be dipped again, followed by another cycle, and this continues for twenty-five cycles until the diameter of the candles becomes tapered to two centimeters. * The candles are dipped in a basin of dyed paraffin and then immediately dipped in cold water to make the color layer solid, in order to turn these white candles into colored candles .

How to make a candle

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