yellowing of the teeth

We often see many people who are satisfied with drawing a smile on their faces instead of laughing, or they put their hands on their mouths when laughing, to hide their yellow teeth out of shame, while others flaunt their shiny white teeth, and laugh by filling their mouths to show it to everyone, and the teeth become yellow as a result of the friction of the teeth Continuous with food and drink of all kinds, and its yellowness increases due to lack of cleaning and attention to it, so the lime that covers it appears, and its white color increases.[1]

Natural ways to whiten teeth

  • Olive oil: In addition to the effectiveness of olive oil in whitening the teeth, it also helps to strengthen the gums and prevent them from bleeding, so that a piece of sterile cotton is dipped in olive oil, and brushed with it on the teeth, or a toothbrush can be used to do so.
  • Laurel leaves: Wash the dried bay leaves well and leave them to dry, grind well until they become a fine powder, wash a small orange, and sprinkle the outer peel into small and soft slices, mix the powder of bay leaves and lemon zest with a little orange juice, brush the teeth Daily with the mixture until it appears that the teeth turn white.
  • Strawberries: crush 3-4 soft strawberries into a paste, add to it a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate, mix well with the paste until it completely dissolves, dip the toothbrush in the paste, brush the teeth well for a few minutes once a day, save Refrigerate the mixture until use.
  • Mint: Crush fresh mint leaves and mix with a little olive oil, leave for an hour or more until the olive oil absorbs the oils in the mint, dip the toothbrush in the oil and clean the teeth with it on a daily basis.

How to use lemon to whiten teeth

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How do we preserve teeth whitening

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