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Thursday January 14, 2021

How to lose weight with chocolate diet?

Most diets recommend limiting sugary foods, including chocolate, but what many people are unaware of is that re is a chocolatebased diet to lose weight.
What is chocolate diet?
The idea of ​​ chocolate diet is to eat dark chocolate in moderation, and this diet is related to training teeth to eat lowsugar chocolate, and eat dark chocolate that contains more than 70% of cocoa before and after each meal.

The chocolate diet is inspired by Dr. Will Clore’s book “Eating Chocolate for Weight Loss”, where one of Dr. Clore’s clients lost about 50 kilograms of his weight with this diet, which inspired him to write this book.

Dr. Clore wanted to break myth that chocolate is bad for health, as it is full of antioxidants that can help you lose weight, and eating more good chocolate should help you stop eating bad chocolate.

The chocolate diet plan takes eight weeks to complete in total, and you can eir buy book to learn all details, or just give it a try by following basic rules of this diet.

The diet rules state that you should eat a small amount of solid dark chocolate daily, and dark chocolate should contain more than 70% cocoa, and you should divide amount so that you eat a little of it before and after each balanced meal.

Does chocolate diet help in losing weight?
The chocolate diet works successfully, as long as you eat healthily and follow basic rules, and this plan will help you lose weight at a safe rate of half to 1 kilogram every week.

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