Football is one of the most famous and popular international sports and the best among many in all age groups, as it is practiced by about 250 million people around the world. Players and those interested strive to master it and learn its skill to reach the levels of professionalism, but like other sports, it has laws and movements that regulate it and protect the two teams, and every place on the field has a special skill required of the players, for example, the striker must be characterized by skills different from the defender and different from the midfielder Therefore, in this article, we will mention the most important skills required for the game of football.

How to learn soccer skills

  • Daily practice of the basics of football, and this is done daily for a period of not less than half an hour, so little practice on a regular basis is better than long practice, but at intervals, in addition to training the mind besides physical training as well, and in this way and continuing the daily practice will continue to improve in the development of your skills.
  • Speed ​​of intuition, perception and knowing the appropriate time to possess the ball while it is between your feet, in other words linking mental and physical training together by taking a round with the ball from the beginning of the field from side to side with the exchange of feet from outside and inside, and what is required here is to start making affinity between you and the ball and sensing your sense In transferring the ball between your feet once without shoes and again by wearing sports shoes for football.
  • Practicing your daily exercises with all different sizes of footballs, for example, kicking a golf ball, tennis or small balls, and this step is important to make your level higher than the rest of the players who did not practice on these balls and of course this improves your level in the game of football.
  • Try to kick the ball during your daily exercises with your weaker kicking leg, such as kicking it from the wall to the wall or between you and the rest of the players over and over until the weaker foot becomes stronger, and thus improve your level and skills.
  • Learn the important rules of football, the most important of which are: learning the rules and ethics of the game, continuing to train regularly, playing in a team spirit and not being selfish, not underestimating or underestimating others, following matches permanently, joining a club for training on the ground, complying with the coach’s orders, and perseverance And the commitment to training and not to give in to despair, and finally read and then read and collect information about your favorite game.

Basic Laws of Football

  • One of the most important football laws is the measurements of the official football field, which is the length of the field, which ranges between 90-120 meters, and its width ranges between 45-90 meters.
  • The soccer ball is made of leather, its circumference is between 65-70 centimeters, and its weight is no more than 440 grams.
  • Uniform the uniform of one team in shape and color, except for the goalkeeper.
  • A toss is drawn by the referee to determine which team has possession of the ball at the start of the match.
  • Each team includes offensive players, defensive players, midfielders and a goalkeeper.
  • The goal consists of two posts, each post is 2.44 meters long and the horizontal crossbar is 7.32 meters long and 12 centimeters wide.
  • The presence of four referees as a prerequisite in all matches, they are divided into two referees, the main court, and the assistant referee.
  • The time of the two halves in each match is 90 minutes, distributed equally between the two halves, and two additional halves can be added in the event of a tie between the two teams, each lasting 15 minutes.
  • Penalty kicks are played from the inside of the penalty area, and the player is about 5.50 meters away from the goal line. The penalty kick is calculated if the player is impeded frankly and clearly for the referee.
  • Players are alerted through red and yellow cards carried by the referee, and some of them receive a yellow card in many cases, as if the opponent tries to obstruct the player with force and violence, or obstruct his march, or insult him, or pretend that he is injured in front of the referee, and every player can get Two yellow cards are given as a warning, after which the red card is issued to him, which is expulsion, and it appears in the case of strong violence between the players or the referees or players hitting each other.

How to learn soccer skills

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