How do you influence others?

The nature of active, positive and energetic people dictates that they focus their interests and efforts in influencing the people around them, which leads to expanding their circle of influence on those around them. Here are some of the things they do to influence others:[1]

  • Activity: A person cannot influence others unless he becomes active. So changing daily habits, getting to know new people, and trying new things makes a person more influential in others.
  • Self-confidence: A strong personality, self-confidence, and firmness of opinion are the characteristics of a person who has been entrusted with new tasks, ideas, projects and responsibilities.
  • Listening: Influencing others is the end product of a person who listens well to others.
  • Searching for solutions: People who want to influence people must search for solutions to existing problems and dilemmas that often encounter people, and ask the right questions at the right time, for example, avoid asking why this happened, but rather ask and think about how to improve it.
  • Empathy: Empathizing with the feelings of others puts a person in the position of others’ trust.
  • Responsibility: Taking responsibility expands a person’s circle of influence in people and increases their confidence in him.
  • Vision Finding a specific vision or goal to work with clearly towards the future.
  • Appreciation: Appreciating and praising others in front of everyone gives them greater confidence and appreciation for themselves and their work, and when he spreads his influence, he can take advantage of it and provide good works for others to achieve the successes they want.
  • Culture: Reading and increasing knowledge in the areas in which a person wants to grow is one of the most important things that an influential person must do by reading books and taking courses, in addition to making sure to take information and advice from trusted sources only, and trusted people.
  • Passion: To influence others, a person must be passionate and interested in the field in which he desires to attract others to him, do the work completely and correctly, and not be satisfied with the work of the average level, but always raise it to excellent.
  • Skill: improving individual skills, and continuing to grow and develop.
  • Attraction: Taking positive attitudes and attracting positive and optimistic people, which leads to the expansion of the circle of influence.
  • Integrity: Commitment to integrity and high values ​​drives people to trust a person, and increases their influence on him.

Influencing others

Absolute control over a person’s life is considered impossible; Because life matters are saturated and many at the present time, but the influential person can control the positive or negative situations or people he affects, and that influence increases as the person approaches others and engages with them, and decreases when the opposite happens.[2]

Habits and characteristics of the influential person

Leading and influential personalities usually possess many distinctive positive traits and habits, including:[3]

  • Their attitudes are positive about all the situations they go through.
  • They see failure as an incentive to move forward.
  • They are curious.
  • They speak in a nice, calm tone.
  • They control their nerves and composure at all times.
  • They suppress negative thoughts.
  • Their minds are open and accept different and different opinions.
  • Influencers are people who do not seek to gain attention.
  • They praise others.
  • They accept criticism from the people around them to improve themselves.

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How to be an influence on others

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