Avoid multitasking

It can be said that multitasking is one of the strengths that an individual can have, but it is not one of the things on which his life should be completely based; Modern companies nowadays focus on pursuing single-tasking plans; Because there are some things that need focus more than others, and multitasking cannot give them the focus they really deserve.[1]

Doing things of interest

Many people do things just because they are supposed to do them, without ever asking themselves whether it is what they really want to do or not; This would lose them focus every time they try to do it, and the right thing to do is let it go and find other desirable things that can be done.[1]

Thinking control

The distraction of thoughts and preoccupation with random thoughts is the main reason for poor concentration; Therefore, you must learn to control and arrange thoughts, and this is by having a person decide to accept or reject any idea without any external pressure, and try to commit to conscious thinking about things instead of daydreaming and losing focus, as well as having the will, intention, and determination to control thinking. .[2]

link information

The new information can be linked to the old information that the person already knows, which leads to the ease of remembering the new information later; For example, if the side effects of an antidepressant drug were newly identified, it could be linked with the side effects of an old antidepressant medication. It may also be noted that both drugs share the same class of drugs; This means that they have similar side effects.[3]

physical health

The power of concentration depends largely on physical health; If a person becomes ill or tired; It is normal for its concentration to be less than that of a healthy person, and physical integrity can be maintained by providing the body with sufficient hours of sleep daily, and doing physical exercises that maintain a healthy weight and high physical fitness.[2]

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How to increase your focus

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