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Many young people suffer from the problem of not appearing or growing beard hair slowly, or lightly, which affects their shape and psychological state, because the beard and mustaches indicate manhood, so many of them resort to following some natural methods, or using medical preparations to increase hair In the beard, the reason for the delay in hair growth, or its lack of density, is due to several factors, most notably: the presence of a defect in the performance of male hormones, or as a result of genetic factors, or as a result of skin diseases, such as: alopecia.

Ways to increase beard hair

  • Shaving the beard regularly, and it is recommended to shave it approximately every two days, using a mousse, and shaving against the direction of hair growth, to activate the follicles and stimulate them to grow, and shaving the beard increases the density of hair, and increases the blackening of its color.
  • Grease the beard with a mixture of olive oil and almond oil, by making a mixture of them, of equal quantities, and applying the mixture to the skin after the completion of the shaving process; To stimulate blood circulation, and thus stimulate hair follicles, and stimulate their growth.
  • rub the hairless areas with garlic; Because it contains properties that stimulate hair growth, and eliminate bacteria that clog hair follicles and prevent its growth, by rubbing the spaces with garlic directly, leaving it for about 15 minutes, then rinsing it.
  • Use the mixture of oils and cinnamon, by mixing a spoonful of castor oil, with a spoon of bitter almond oil, and a spoon of cinnamon, then apply the mixture to the beard, leave it to dry, and then wash it with water, and use the mixture at a rate three times a week, to promote hair growth.
  • The use of medical preparations available in pharmacies, the principle of which is to expand blood vessels, in the places where they are placed, to renew hair, and build strong and thick hair, and they are available in the form of pills, or liquid, and it is also safe, but it takes a long time to show results
  • The use of vitamins, which can be obtained through the diet, or through nutritional supplements, most notably:
  • The use of eucalyptus oil is one of the basic elements used to stimulate hair growth on the face, but it may lead to skin irritation, so it is recommended to mix it with sesame oil, or olive oil, and it is used to stimulate hair growth by mixing half a cup of olive oil, with 30 drops. of camphor oil, massage the skin with the mixture, leave it for half an hour, then rinse it with soap and cold water.
  • Vitamin A, it increases hair production, and maintains moisture for the follicles.
  • Vitamin E, increases blood flow and stimulates hair growth.
  • Vitamin C, promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin B3, it is recommended to take it with biotin; To increase beard hair growth.
  • Vitamin B5.

How to increase beard hair

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