To improve handwriting in writing, it is necessary to choose the appropriate tools for this, which the person feels comfortable with when writing, and it is also recommended to rely on different colors and write on lined notebooks only.[1]

Hold the pen the right way

The pen must be held in a way that ensures not too much tension on it, so that the muscles of the hand are not bent, and the fingernails must remain their natural color and not white due to pressure on the pen.[2]

Choosing and imitating beautiful writing samples

What helps to make handwriting more beautiful and more tidy is to choose beautiful writing samples and imitate them, and it is worth noting that the more a person imitates the lines of others, the more this helps him to improve his handwriting and make it tidy.[3]

writing practice

Training constantly and regularly makes the font more beautiful and tidy, and this training can be through writing on paper or on tablets such as the iPad, and it is preferable to choose to write what the person likes, such as some beautiful phrases or song lyrics, and it is worth noting that the more training becomes the font The most beautiful.[4]

Other ways to improve font

There are many other ways that can be followed to improve the handwriting and make it more beautiful and tidy, and the most important of these methods are:

  • Writing in the Air: One of the ways to improve handwriting is to exercise the muscles of the hands by writing on the air with the fingers of the hands.[5]
  • Allocate time for writing: Allocating time to write every day on a regular basis, even if it is for only five minutes, helps to improve handwriting clearly and noticeably.[3]
  • Lack of hurry: Calligrapher Cherrell Avery says that hurrying is the main reason why handwriting is not beautiful and clear, so you must be careful.[3]

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How do you improve your handwriting?

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