Selection of tomato seeds

It is recommended to take the following things into consideration when planting tomato seeds, namely:[1]

  • Choose good organic seeds.
  • Choose seeds that are resistant to diseases and pests common in the area.
  • Choose the right seed size.
  • Choose varieties that are harvested at the same time.

Selection of pots

It is recommended to use pots with holes to aerate the soil, and perforated egg cartons, or small yogurt boxes can be used to plant tomato seeds,[2] 2-3 seeds are placed in the soil with a depth of approximately 0.5 cm, covered with a small amount of soil, then the soil is moistened with a small amount of water.[1]

Choose a warm and sunny place

Tomato seeds grow quickly; Where it needs between five to ten days to grow, and the seeds begin to grow about six to eight weeks before in the pots before being transferred to planting in the open air,[1] In order to grow well, it needs a warm place with a temperature ranging between 21-23 degrees Celsius, and it is recommended to put the pots in a sunny place to get better results, especially in winter and early spring.[2]


It is recommended to irrigate the seeds only when needed, and it is possible to infer the need for soil irrigation by testing the extent of soil moisture using fingers. green tomatoes;[3]

Support plants during their growth period

Tomato plants need support to produce fruits, for example they may need cages or boards; To support the plant on it to grow vertically instead of on the ground, it is also taken into account the need to fertilize the soil once every two weeks to promote the growth of seedlings.[3]


Tomatoes can be picked when they are ripe and turn green or red, but it is preferable to pick them after they turn red; Where they are fully ripened, it is also preferable not to put fresh tomatoes in the refrigerator, as their flavor may decrease.[4]

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How to grow tomatoes from seeds

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