farming conditions

Spring is the most ideal season for planting parsley.[1] In general, herbs such as parsley do not require much fertilizer, as the amount of fertilizer applied to parsley depends on soil testing recommendations, taking care when fertilizing plants when temperatures are around freezing, as fertilizer promotes plants to grow, which can be It makes the plant susceptible to damage or death due to the cold winter temperatures. As for irrigation, the soil moisture can be checked using a shovel, a special moisture meter, or using the fingers of the hand. When the soil is dry a few centimeters underground, the plants must be irrigated.[2]

Parsley cultivation

Parsley seeds can be planted directly in the soil, but they are considered a slow-growing weed, and it may take several weeks to germinate, and they can be grown by cooling them in the refrigerator, and then soaking the seeds overnight in warm water, before planting them, and parsley seeds can be grown indoors before About 6 weeks from the last frost, or planted directly in the open air, by following the following steps:[3]

  • Sow the seeds in rows 30.48-25.4 centimeters apart.
  • Parsley seeds are very small seeds, so they do not need to be covered with soil, but rather sprinkled on the surface of the soil, and watered well.[1]

parsley harvest

Parsley can be harvested all year round, especially when it is grown in a cold climate, or indoors during the winter, and it can be harvested when the leaves begin to curl, taking care to harvest it early in the day, that is, in the morning hours, to get the best flavor for it, It is also preferable to use it fresh, and it can also be stored for later use, by freezing it, or drying it.[1]

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How to grow parsley at home

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