Everyone wants to have toned arms, tight arms free of flabbiness and fat, and exercise helps rid the body of accumulated fat in different areas; Such as the arms, in addition to tightening the sagging of the body, and it is recommended to choose exercises that target the area of ​​​​the arms, in addition to choosing suitable weights that allow performing 8-12 repetitions, and then doing 2-3 sets of each exercise, and then moving to the next exercise, and there are some exercises good for tightening the arms; biceps exercises; For example: Standing biceps curl with dumbbells and triceps exercises; Such as: kicking exercise with weight bearing (in English: Triceps kickback with dumbbells), and other exercises.[1]

Use of creams

Creams may not be the radical solution to flabby arms, but they may give immediate short-term results; As it reduces wrinkles and lines visible on the arms, in addition to moisturizing the skin, and improving its appearance, it is recommended to use creams that contain the so-called retinoid (in English: Retinoid), which helps to produce collagen, in addition to creams that contain collagen that contributes to Maintaining the elasticity of the skin and preventing its sagging. Some types of natural treatments can be applied to the skin; Such as: grape seed oil, which helps to tighten the skin, and improve its properties.[2]

Follow a proper diet

There are a group of compounds made by the body, which help give the skin elasticity; Such as: elastin (in English: Elastin), collagen, and there is a group of foods rich in these compounds, which are recommended to be included in the diet to enhance the tightening of saggy skin in different areas of the body; Like the arms area, and the following is a mention of some of these foods:[3]

  • citrus fruits; As it provides the body with vitamin C, which helps to increase the elasticity of the skin.
  • sweet spicy; It provides the body with vitamin C and zinc, in addition to increasing collagen production.
  • cruciferous vegetables; Such as: Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and broccoli.
  • oysters;

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How to get rid of sagging arms

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