bed bugs

Bed bugs are a small, flat brown insect, and it is one of the most adaptable insects to be in the surroundings in which humans live. It feeds on blood absorption, especially human blood. It is found in bed, in poorly ventilated beds, hotel beds, and in hot areas, and pets. The bugs are active at night and hide during the day.

Ways to eliminate bed bugs

  • Clean bedding well: it is the preferred place for bedbugs, and wash sheets and pillows, and everything that surrounds the bed, such as carpets, etc., with boiling water; Boiling water kills bedbugs.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner to clean the bed and its edges: cleaning every place where bugs can be found, then covering the bed and edges with a tight leather cover for about a year; To make sure that all insects, and their eggs laid, are eliminated.
  • Covering the feet of the furniture with adhesive tape: When you buy used furniture, or rent a furnished apartment, and you are afraid of the presence of bugs, do so, with the adhesive part facing the outside side, so that the insects stick to it instead of hiding it inside the furniture.
  • Reducing the clutter inside the house: and cleaning it continuously, as this reduces the chances of infection with bed bugs.
  • Getting rid of bed bug eggs: Using adhesive tape to get rid of eggs on bedding and furniture, then put the tape in a tightly closed plastic bag, and get rid of it directly.
  • Use of bleaches and disinfectants: by washing floors with cleaning materials and disinfectants, which helps to eliminate bed bugs, and remove them from their hiding places.
  • Disinfection of cracks: When confirming the presence of bed bugs in the house, the cracks must be covered with floors and walls immediately; Bed bugs seek refuge in these places, hide in them, and lay their eggs inside.
  • Putting travel luggage under the sun: Bags that have been contaminated with bugs as a result of staying in the hotel must be placed in the sun for several hours before entering the house, or exposed to high-temperature steam to kill bedbugs.
  • The use of a bug trap: it is plastic cups placed under the feet of the bed; To prevent bedbugs from climbing and descending on the legs, these cups are found in the shops.

Bed bug bite treatment

  • wearing clothes that cover the skin when sleeping; Bedbugs are looking for exposed areas.
  • Put large quantities of Vaseline on the exposed areas of the body before going to sleep.
  • washing the affected areas with warm water and soap; To reduce bacterial infection.
  • Put large amounts of calamine solution on the affected places to relieve itching and inflammation.
  • If the itching persists and spreads throughout the body, you must go to a health center to obtain topical ointments to treat it.

How to get rid of bed bugs permanently

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