It is a type of psychological impact that occurs due to a group of factors surrounding a person, which makes him reject a certain result, and seeks to change it in order to reach the result he wishes to achieve. He tries to achieve a desire, an idea, or a goal, but a number of obstacles were found that prevented his ability to carry out his ambition, which leads to a feeling of frustration.

The effect of frustration varies according to the condition associated with it, and it may be simple in effect and ends within a short period of time, or highly influential and lasts for a long period of time, and both cases in which frustration negatively affects the human psyche, and leads to his dissatisfaction with himself.

Causes of frustration

There are a number of reasons that lead to frustration among individuals, which are:

  • While the individual faces a fateful event, such as: expecting to succeed in an exam, but when the results are released, the individual is shocked that he did not succeed, despite his efforts while studying the subject for the exam.
  • Suffering from psychological and nervous stress that results from a group of accumulated factors in the home, study, or work environment.
  • Living in a depressing environment, such as living alone for a long period of time, which results in feelings of frustration, which may lead to mental illnesses, such as depression.
  • The death of a loved one, such as a parent.
  • Having a chronic disease accompanied by persistent symptoms, which leads to a feeling of frustration for the individual; Because he did not recover from the disease.
  • Hormonal factors, and some individuals in their family suffer from pre-existing cases of depression.
  • Failing to try to make a decision, such as not succeeding in making a decision to save a monthly amount of money.

signs of frustration

A person with depression shows many signs, including:

  • The psychological state of the frustrated person changes from persistence to indifference to achieve the thing he was striving to achieve.
  • Low level of activity, and a tendency to permanent laziness.
  • Feeling of general tiredness and inability to carry out daily activities.
  • Suffering from bad mood most of the time.
  • Insomnia and the inability to sleep properly.
  • The appearance of signs of anxiety on the person who is frustrated.
  • feeling guilty; Because of the failure of the individual to achieve his goal.
  • In advanced cases of frustration, signs of depression begin to appear on the individual.

How to get rid of frustration

In order for the individual to get out of the state of frustration that afflicted him, and to get rid of all causes, and the signs accompanying them, he must apply the following methods:

  • Rely on regulating breathing by balancing inhalation and exhalation, which contributes to calming nerves and eliminating the acute effect of frustration.
  • Trying to talk to someone, and it is necessary to trust that person so that the frustrated person tells him about his psychological state, and the nature of the feelings affecting him, this may help him get rid of the bad influence he feels.
  • Trying to get out of the house, or from closed places, and move to public places, and this helps to gradually forget frustration.
  • Striving to simplify psychological pressure, and trying to find alternative solutions to the factor that leads to frustration, whether through personal experience, or using the experience of other people.
  • Doing sports, such as running, which helps to get rid of bad feelings caused by feelings of frustration.

How do you get out of frustration?

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