Marriage in Islam

Islam considered marriage legitimate within a certain method and method, so whoever followed that method within its controls, provisions, and pillars, his marriage was valid. This means the need to pay attention to the minute details that Islam drew attention to during the marriage contract, and Muslims in the Islamic world have become acquainted with certain ways of correct marriage, some of its simple parts may differ between one Islamic country and another, but the most important thing that must be understood and applied in the method of conducting the marriage contract will be clarified In this article.

definition of marriage

Marriage has several meanings in language and terminology, and these meanings are explained as follows:

  • Marriage in the language: the infinitive is marry, marry, or marry, and the subject is married, and the subject is married or married, the female is said with the t-marbouta and without it, but the object is married, and the marriage of the woman is her marriage, it is said: the woman is married, if he marries her, then she is married. Marriage, marriage mixing. It is said: rain marries the earth if it mixes with it through mixing with its soil. i.e. overpowering them, and intercourse; The woman’s intercourse is her intercourse and intercourse.[1]
  • idiomatically: it is a contract between a man and a woman, in a legitimate manner, with specific conditions, and it was said that it is: a contract in which the word “marriage” or “marriage” or its translation is considered. To start a family, to have offspring.[2]

How to perform the marriage contract

How to conduct a marriage contract is easy and simple. There is only a set of pillars, controls and conditions that must be adhered to. If this is done, the marriage will be valid as indicated in the introduction to the article, and if one condition is violated, the marriage will be invalid or invalid, which means that it does not have any legitimate effect on it. The following is an explanation of how the marriage contract is conducted, and the elements and conditions that must be met in it for it to be valid:[3][4]The marriage contract takes place with the affirmative and acceptance of the two parties, in the presence of the wife’s guardian, and two witnesses, and the form of the offer and acceptance is that the wife’s father or guardian says to the suitor: I have married you my daughter So-and-so, then the suitor addresses him directly by saying: I accepted the marriage of your daughter So-and-so for myself, then the marriage contract is valid if It contained the conditions and elements that should be fulfilled in it. As for these elements, they are:[4]

  • Formula: The contract form means the offer issued by the wife’s guardian, and the acceptance, which is the word in which the other party declares his acceptance of marriage to the guardian’s daughter, such as saying: She married, accepted, or remarried.
  • Husband: The husband has several conditions; The most prominent of them is that it is not forbidden for the wife, but rather it must be one of those whom it is permissible for her to marry. incorrect; Because the husband is not specified, and it is not known which of them he is, and it is stipulated that the husband is not in a state of ihram for Hajj or Umrah, as it is not permissible for a pilgrim and a pilgrim to engage in marriage as long as he is in a state of ihraam until he breaks out of his ihram.
  • Wife: The wife also requires a number of conditions for the marriage to be valid; One of them is that it be free from the legal impediments to marriage, and it is also stipulated that the wife be specific as it was stipulated in the husband. For not appointing a wife, as it is stipulated that she should not be a mahram for Hajj or Umrah.
  • The guardian: He is the one who initiates the marriage contract for the woman on the one who wants to marry her, so it is not permissible for the woman to marry herself to herself.
  • Witnesses: Two just witnesses must be present at the marriage contract, and the evidence for the requirement of witnesses for the permissibility of the marriage contract is the saying of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: (There is no marriage without a guardian and two just witnesses. .[5]

Prohibitions in the marriage contract

There are several prohibitions in the marriage contract. If you enter into it, the contract is void. The invalidity of the marriage contract means the necessity of annulment of the marriage contract on the spot and a distinction between the two parties without any effect on the contract. As for some cases in which the marriage contract is invalidated:[6]

  • To marry a fifth wife from whom he has four wives.
  • To marry someone who is infallible with other men.
  • To marry someone who is forbidden to marry him because it is forbidden to him forever, such as marrying his sister, aunt, aunt, sister’s daughter, or any other person who is forbidden to marry them.
  • To marry the woman who has committed iddat, or the woman who has been under suspicion on suspicion.

In this case, the contract does not have any legitimate effect in terms of the dowry and the waiting period, as false marriage is not considered, and does not need a divorce, or an annulment, the woman is not entitled to the dowry and does not observe it, but if he enters into it, they are separated immediately, then She must have a dowry of the proverb because he has intercourse with her and her vagina is lawful, and she must observe the waiting period for the amount of one menstrual cycle to ensure the innocence of the uterus.

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How is marriage done in Islam?

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