Crispy potatoes

The French fries meal is a distinct and preferred meal for people in general, as it is served on a daily basis along with fast food as an essential part of it, such as: grills, burgers, shawarma, and others, and it is offered with several mixtures that make it taste different every time, and this increases the demand To eat and order it, in this article we will present two ways to prepare crispy French fries, just like in restaurants.

Methods of frying potatoes

Fry potatoes with flour

  • Two medium-sized potatoes, cut into thin fingers.
  • Lots of oil for frying.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • A tablespoon of flour.
  • A tablespoon of dried coriander.
  • A teaspoon of baking powder.
  • A teaspoon of turmeric.
  • A teaspoon of black pepper.
  • A teaspoon of paprika.

Fry potatoes with chicken broth powder

  • Potatoes divided into thin fingers.
  • A sachet of chicken broth powder.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • A teaspoon of black pepper.
  • A teaspoon of hot paprika.
  • A teaspoon of dried coriander.
  • Plenty of oil for frying.
  • Put the potato fingers in a deep bowl and add the chicken broth purée, salt, black pepper, hot paprika, dry coriander and stir well.
  • Put the potatoes seasoned with spices in the refrigerator for half an hour, so that the ingredients hold together.
  • Heat the oil, and start frying the potatoes after making sure that the oil temperature is suitable for frying, and when the quantity is finished frying, we drain the excess oil from the potatoes by placing it on a blotting paper.
  • Serve the crispy fries with the desired sauces, or with grills.

How to fry crispy potatoes

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