an introduction

Fate may not be in line with our dreams, we often dream of things we see beautiful, so we lose them and time steal them from us. It is destined, but we quickly lose it, because of the share, so we suffer a lot, we cry and mourn our luck, we sleep a lot, we do not go out of the house, we love loneliness, we hate meeting with others around us, and we are afraid to go into love again, because of this bitter experience.

way back

This term is very important, if you venture into something, you must keep a way back, and as you calculated the positives of the road, you must calculate its negatives, if you love a person, make sure that you do not relate to him, do not exaggerate your love, and do not enter into the details of love, so as not to You reach the degree to which the other party can threaten you, if he is not on the level of loyalty, and if he is loyal, then you should also know that he can leave you one day, and this term is not applied only in love, but in all the system of our lives, so be careful I’m always superficial in everything, even in your relationship with others.

Ways to help us forget

Life does not stop with a person, so you should know that you have treasures, skills and energy capable of making you a leader, rather a scientist, and also know that if someone abandons you, there are a hundred others who wish to meet you, so do not think that the problem is in you or that you are wrong, but start your life again, And to know that tomorrow, when you remember this situation, you will laugh at yourself and what happened to you; Because it will not be considered anything in front of the successes you will achieve, there are some means that will help you to forget the one you love, but you have to intend first that you will forget him, and you will never think of him.

Make decision

To sit with yourself a little and think, do you really want to forget it? Or are you unable to forget it, or do you want to forget it for a certain period, you must make a decision, so that you do not fall into confusion and overcome in your life, if a person wants to He lives happily, he must make a decision in his life, if his decision was wrong, he will learn from it, and if it is right, he will be happy with it. From now on you must be honest with yourself and make a decision, how can you make your decision? Bring a paper and write on it, how many benefits it will bring to me from the one I love in my life, and how many negatives it will bring me if he stays in my life, and if the first is more, it will fall back into oblivion, and if the second is more, it is better to forget.

Doing an activity or work

Being at home will increase your despair, frustration and depression, and will make you see life as black, and you will never forget your lover in this way. Certain places, or practicing sports and registering in sports clubs, or participating in competitions, or camps, doing one or more activities a day, getting out of the house, watching people outside, getting to know new friends or colleagues and forming relationships, will make you create a new life and forget what you were in sorrows.

Tell your secret to a friend

Do not remain concerned and carry the worry alone and sit in your room and do not want to talk to anyone, that affects your health and a lot of pressure and silence leads to chronic diseases, so always try to reveal your secret to a close friend, you trust him, try to talk to him about what happened with you, and listen to his advice, And tell him what is in your heart, and your feelings towards the one you love, and what you wish for, and what you love about it, and what you hate about it. Exchange the visit. Invite him to come with you and go with him, as this helps you to change your psychology for the better and forget your problem.

change your personality

Do not stay as you are in the same shape, haircut and the same clothes, consider that from today you will start a new life and you will be a new person with new qualities and a new shape. A new person will help you to change your psychology, and forget the past, its pain and wound.

Turn off all reminders of it

When you loved him, you used to go out with him to certain places, and meet him there, or hear a certain song for him, or talk to him on the mobile whenever you missed him, all these things used to connect you with him, but now you want to forget him, and therefore you must close all These things and you forget them with him, that is, whenever you go out of the house, do not pass by the road that was the place of your meeting, change your way this time to forget it, if you want to eat in a restaurant, avoid going to the restaurant in which you were sitting, and if you ask for a specific meal, it can remind you Do not take it, until you forget it, and do not listen to the song that reminds you of it, just as you must erase his number from your mobile phone before you do all these things; Because the presence of his number in your mobile phone, means that at some point you will call him back, and so you will not be able to forget him.

Read the Holy Quran

The Almighty said, “Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest.” If you want to comfort your soul, then you must remembrance of God, and a lot of seeking forgiveness and reciting the Noble Qur’an. Glory be to Him, and He will grant you from where you do not count, and He will change your sad life to a happy one, and He will make fun of you who benefits you in your life, for God, Glory be to Him, is more knowledgeable about your condition, and knows your best interest, so always make sure that you are with God so that He is with you.

love is renewed

Do not think that the love that was lost from you will not come more beautiful than it, for love is related to people, and if you lose one, there are many who are waiting for you, look around you and meditate, you will find love more beautiful than what you found in your life, you will find someone who appreciates you and respects you and loves you with all the loyalty found, but you must not despair in One day, and you have to search well for love, and love may not be related to people, but to places or games that you like to play or your work when you master it or finish it, and never be afraid, no matter how long you have to forget in the end because life in it of joys and sorrows that can be Forget everything that stuck in our memory, for tomorrow there will be no memory for it; Because it will be occupied with other things, so let happiness fill your heart and live each day for its day, and do not carry the worries of today into tomorrow, and do not care about what happened yesterday, so go out with your friends and enchant with your loved ones and chat with your family, take care of them and be a source of love for them, and do not think about anything Only happiness and fill life with your beautiful laughter and don’t let a smile leave your face.

How to forget someone you love