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Sunday September 27, 2020

How to fix 0xc000000e crashes while booting in Windows 10

Fault 0xc000000e is one of the crashes that frequently appear on Windows 10 devices, especially during the boot process, and it prevents you from opening your computer and even trying to fix it, but do not worry, there is a way to be able to repair the device.

As usual, Windows 10 crashes are an integral part of it, and you will find that there are many malfunctions that appear on your Windows 10 device, whether it is the blue screen of death or other screens and malfunctions, the important thing is to confirm the malfunction code so that you can search for a solution to this particular problem Online instead of needing to reinstall your computer.

What causes 0xc000000e to crash on Windows 10:

Usually, this error appears to you during the boot process and the operation of your computer. The message appears on a blue screen and informs you that your device needs repair and that they are unable to access the required disk with error code: xc000000e ”,“ error code: 0xc000000f ”.

Usually, this means that the disk on which you installed Windows 10 suffers from a problem that prevents it from working properly and efficiently or that the system cannot access your boot files and this is what we will try to fix.

Methods to fix 0xc000000e malfunction:

  • Using Windows 10 automatic repair program:

This method is considered one of the most practical methods at all, as it relies on the Windows 10 repair program that automatically checks the device without your intervention and repairs or replaces corrupted files if this is possible.

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To be able to do this all you need to do is the following:

  • Insert your Windows 10 installation disc, whether it is a CD or a USB stick.
  • Restart the device and press F12 to be able to enter the boot menu.
  • Select your Windows 10 installation disc from the boot menu and press any button to start the boot process from the Windows 10 disk.
  • Now click on the “Repair My Computer” button below.
  • Click on Troubleshoot and then Automatic Repair and let the device run by itself.

If this method does not work for you, head to the next method.

  • Reboot boot library:

As we said above, the problem lies in the inability of the system to access its boot library and for this you should try to repair this library and these files responsible for booting and the method is very easy.

  • First, follow the steps in the above-mentioned method until you get to Repair My Computer
  • Now instead of going into Troubleshooter choose Command Prompt to show you the system command interface.
  • Now enter the following commands in succession, one command per line, and that means type the command and press Enter.
    Bootrec / scanos

    Bootrec / fixmbr

    Bootrec / fixboot

    Bootrec / rebuildbcd

    How to fix 0xc000000e crashes while booting in Windows 10 1

  • When any question appears, press Y to agree to update the files and the boot library.

This was how you can fix Windows 10 boot problems and you can install a genuine copy of Windows 10 from Here .
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