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Monday September 28, 2020

How to display Chrome Cache in Windows 10

It is very important that you reach Chrome Cache, which is the folder that Chrome stores some of the cache files it needs to display the sites and speed up the display process. Of course, these files are important at the moment of using the site itself, but after you finish browsing the site, these cache files are not Very useful and it is best to remove them because they take up too much space on your hard drive.

In the past, you could access Chrome Cache easily through two URLs that you can easily write inside the browser to be able to access these addresses, but due to a mistake or Bug, and perhaps on purpose from the program’s developers, these addresses no longer work and you need to download a third-party program called CHromeCacheView Which we will talk about.

Accessing Chrome Cache on Windows 10:

In the beginning, you must download the program that we mentioned above and you can access it through this Link.

The latest version of the program is 2.1, so be sure to download it to avoid any problems and take advantage of the latest features of the program.

Another step you should do is access your profile folder, to be able to access this folder all you have to do is type the following address into the Chrome browser:


Then look for the Profile Path line and copy and paste this address into your Windows browser as you can see in this picture:

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chrome cache

Now that you have reached this address, copy and save it in a document on GIMP, then launch the Chrome Cache View program, then click on File, then Select Cache Folder.

Paste the address that you copied in the previous step into this box as you can see surrounded by the tag.

How to display Chrome Cache in Windows 10 2

You can specify specific filters to search within the Cache folder, when the search process is finished, easily stop and choose the Cache file you want to open, then right-click and then Open Selected Cache Folder. You can also delete these files in an easy way by just pressing the Delete button.

Of course, I do not advise you to delete the Chrome Cache files unless you are doing a thorough cleaning process or you already know what you want to delete.

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