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Saturday June 27, 2020

How to cut video on iPhone easily

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There are a lot of users who want to cut a video on their iPhone either because they do not have powerful computers capable of handling videos or simply because they cannot access computers at the moment.

Whatever your needs and your reason to cut the video on the iPhone, the device is able to handle most of the tasks – and this also applies to the devices of the iPad -, The device will meet whether you need the desire to cut video, whether a hobby or cut and edit professionally with the software library on it and you the way.

How to cut a video on iPhone:

There are three programs that we will rely on for video cutting: Photos, iMovies, and Adobe Rush.

  • Cut a video with Photos:

This method is considered the easiest and simplest in the process of cutting a video on the iPhone because it depends on the Photos program that comes integrated with the device and does not need to download it separately.

All you have to do is open the Photos program, then choose the video you want to trim and press the Edit button in the upper left of the screen.

cutting video

Then the video editor interface will open for you, click on the tag below and move the edges of the video to cut it to the desired dimensions.

Now press Done to finish the process and as long as you keep the video on your device you can easily cancel the modifications with the push of a button.

  • Cut a video with iMovie:

iMovie program is one of the free software for Apple devices and issued with almost all phones, you may not find it installed on your computer, do not worry you can install it for free from the App Store.

How to cut video on iPhone easily 1

For you cut video through iMovie all you have to do is open the program and add the video that you want the story to the new project New Project, now click on a preview video and then zoom in your fingers to control the amount of shear, like you zoom image Zoom In everything you see On the screen it will become part of the new video and everything that appears before you will not enter it.

When you are done, click on the Share icon to save the video to your desired location.

  • Through Adobe Premiere Rush:

a program Adobe Premiere Rush Is the light version of Adobe Premiere Pro own software with a computer which is one of the most important programs to amend videos, cut and changed, unfortunately, Rush is not completely free on the Apple Store, there is a free version, but a bit limited but would tell you a way to work with him.

In the beginning, of course, open the program and create a new project, then choose the video you want from the Camera Roll.

Search in the toolbar below until you find a tool called the Transform Tool, you will find a group of four options, namely:

How to cut video on iPhone easily 2

  • Crop Top
  • Crop Bottom
  • Crop Left
  • Crop Right

Each one of these special selections inertial from a specific area, whether from the top or bottom or left or right, and so then on the amendment to each one of them as you wish.

You can also cut and choose from ready-made templates for some international sizes such as the iPhone screen size or other screens and different dimensions.

From the toolbar below, click on the mark in the image below and choose the size and direction of the final video you want.

How to cut video on iPhone easily 3

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