Preparing hair for cutting

Hair can be prepared for cutting as follows: [1]

  • Use hair treatments that contain keratin before and after cutting, in addition to using regular shampoo and conditioner, to maintain hair health and strength.
  • Wash the hair well, and dry it with a soft towel, making sure that it remains damp.
  • Comb the hair with a brush to remove any tangles in it, and if the hair is curly, a hair iron should be used to straighten it, and remove any tangles from it before starting to cut it.
  • Use a pair of small, sharp hair clippers.
  • Hair clipping in a clean place and on a hard floor, easy to clean.
  • Use hand mirrors and wall mirrors to see hair from all sides.

Short hair cut steps (Kare)

The steps for cutting short hair (kariye) are summarized in the following steps:[2]

  • Divide the wet hair into four sections, so that the back section is defined horizontally from the side of the ear to the other side of the head, and the front part of the two sides of the head from the front, then divide each section into two equal parts.
  • Extract a strand of hair along the back line, comb it well, and start cutting it straight along the hairline, taking into account cutting the latter a little longer; Because the hair will shrink after it dries.
  • Cut the rest of the hair at the back to the same length as the first strand as a firm guide to the cut.
  • He took a tuft from the side section of the head, combed it well along the hair cut in the back, and then cut it to the same length, considering that the back part became a guide for cutting the rest of the hair.
  • Complete the cut of the front two sides of the hair in the same way.
  • Checking the presence of strays in the hair by bending the head forward until it touches the chest, then combing the hair down, and cutting the excess if it appears.
  • Check the length of the hair on both sides by bending the head to the shoulder opposite the side to be checked, then combing the hair several times to check for stray hairs.
  • Trimming the bangs, by combing it more than once on the forehead, then cutting a tuft of it as a guide above the eyebrow line.
  • Hold the parts of the bangs between the middle and witness fingers, then cut them according to the length of the guide.
  • Comb the hair to ensure the final shape of the cut.

Hair cutting benefits

The benefits of cutting hair regularly can be summarized as follows:[3]

  • Makes hair appear vibrant and healthy.
  • It helps to get rid of split ends of hair, especially if this is done regularly, that is, once every six to eight weeks.
  • Promotes new hair growth.
  • Reduces frizz and roughness of hair if it is cut regularly.
  • Reduces hair tangles, fragility and frizz if the hair is dry and frizzy.
  • It reduces the rate of hair breakage. If the ends remain split and broken, the split ends will move to the hair shaft, impeding its growth again.
  • Helps hair styling easier and faster.
  • Hair appears thicker and easier to care for.

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How to cut short hair

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