Many people of both sexes want to diversify the ways in which they comb their hair, as many of them prefer soft, smooth hair, especially on occasions, and at other times they prefer curly hair in order to change their shape, and obtain a new, distinctive look, which contributes to increasing the sense of self-confidence Note that it is possible to curl hair in a distinctive way by following many easy and simple methods, which we will introduce you to in this article.

hair curling method

Gel curls

  • Clean the hair by washing it with soap and water or the usual shampoo.
  • We put a small amount of gel on the hair, then pass it on the hair starting from the forehead and all the way to the ends of the hair, using the fingers while creating a messy shape in the hair.
  • We leave the gel on the hair for a minute, then use a pencil to wrap the hair, and curl it as required, and if there is not enough time to use the pencil, we can just pass the fingers on the hair.

Water curly hair

  • We need a large piece of soft cheesecloth, and hair clips.
  • We wash the hair well using soap and water or shampoo, in order to clean the hair from the effects of any cream, gel, or any moisturizing lotion that is used on the hair, then comb the hair with the brush.
  • Lay the cloth out on a flat surface.
  • We bend the torso forward, in such a way that the hair is on the cloth, as we slowly lower it onto the cloth.
  • We grab the far end of the cloth, and throw it over the hair, covering the hair from the back.
  • We grab both ends of the cloth, then wrap the two ends well, tightly placing the cloth on the head.
  • Slowly raise the head, so that the body is in a standing position.
  • Grab each end, roll it into a bun, place it next to each ear, and secure it with hair clips or a penny.
  • We leave the cloth on the head for a third of an hour, until the hair dries, and a hair dryer can be used to speed up the drying of the hair, and to maintain the shape of wrinkles in the hair.

Important tips for curly hair

  • Hair can be curled by making braids.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb when combing hair after perming it.
  • Avoid touching hair constantly after perming it.

How to curl hair at home

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