Twitter is a popular social network that started as a research project, and is based on the principle of micro-blogs called tweets with a maximum of 140 characters per post, called tweets. It was founded by Jack Dorsey in 2006 in San Francisco, and it has been widely accepted worldwide. To support more than one language, and recently the Arabic language was introduced in 2012 AD, Twitter has won the admiration of millions of its users for their ability to follow the news of celebrities and stars and see the latest general news, in addition to being characterized by many unique services, as it is a means of displaying the latest Products and corporate news, such as: YouTube and Google, so registering with Twitter can bring its users a lot closer to the latest updates and news for many areas, as well as following friends.

How to create an account on Twitter

  • Go to the Twitter website, which enables the user to log in to register a new account by entering the following link:
  • Go to the two boxes on the right of the screen and choose the second box to fill in the personal data.
  • Write your username in the first box in English.
  • Put the user’s email, then choose the password.
  • Choose the login name, then click on Create my account.
  • Activate the account by phone/e-mail) so that the user will be transferred to choosing a unique nickname, which is the login name to be used in his personal account that will appear to other users of his friends.
  • Follow up with Twitter to inform the user how to use his account by choosing the Next option.
  • Choosing friends from the list on the left of the page, and when liking a person, you must press the word Follow and then the Next option.
  • Choosing the categories that attract and interest the user, such as: the category of celebrities, stars, religion, politics, journalism, technology companies, and other fields, and then select five elements from each category that the person likes.
  • Editing the user’s personal information, writing a profile, adding a special picture, and then pressing the word Done after completing all the points.
  • Go to the email connected to the account and confirm the link that was sent, to be logged in successfully.

Twitter Features

  • Tweets: Twitter supports tweets, which enables the user to post a new tweet with friends or followers of the account.
  • The hashtag: It is a way to distinguish the most interactive topics and discussions, but in the recent period it has been used as a means of opposition between some countries and marketing between some companies.
  • Photos and videos: Twitter supports sending photos, and the videos feature was recently added to less than a minute and published on the user’s account.
  • Account control: Twitter is characterized as a means of communication for news between the most famous stars, businessmen and users who do not have the constant time to browse and talk over the Internet, unlike other networks in which frequent communication may be just an inconvenience to the user, so it is a network of communication with specific control among its followers.

How to create an account on Twitter

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